Peter Schiff analyses Porter's predictions
Recorded May 2011

Peter Schiff video blasts tipster Stansberry

This item, from, reveals what noted investment expert Peter Schiff, chief executive of Euro Pacific Capital Inc, of Westport, Connecticut, found when he dug into back issues of newsletters from Baltimore-based tipster Porter Stansberry.

Schiff's key finding (discussed in my profile, "Stansberry & Associates: controversy is our investment") that, despite his claims, Stansberry didn't see the 2008 crash coming. Not many did, of course, but Schiff is critical nonetheless.

"I have read now all of the newsletters that Porter wrote and sent out to his clients," Schiff says. "And I can say, in no uncertain terms, that there is nothing in there that indicates that Porter Stansberry saw this crisis looming, even when he was right on the cusp of it."

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