Porter Stansberry's End of America promo produces emails to Brian Deer's website

With world economies at greater risk than at any time since the 1930s and financial markets in turmoil, stock tipster Porter Stansberry took a punt in the winter of 2010-11 to predict that the United States faced economic oblivion. As a past commentator on Stansberry's past achievements, including his SEC fraud prosecution, award-winning investigative reporter Brian Deer was among many who watched Stansberry launch an almost survivalist blitzkreig of mail-outs and commercials predicting the "end of America".

PORTER STANSBERRY: 20 December 2010

Hey Brian,
Have just recently been made aware of this man and his company. Was provided a recent video where he is predicting the demise of the U.S. Dollar and subsequent fallout due to inflation and other incredible consequences.

It appears the piece I read based upon your investigation was 10-11 years ago. Has Stansberry cleaned his act up or is your opinion of him unchanged?

Thanks for any enlightenment you can provide. Tom Shepherd, Trinidad, Texas


I was sent this link in an  unrelated health email. http://www.stansberryresearch.com/pro/1011PSIENDVD/MPSILC17/PR

It won't hyperlink it, but I cut and paste it into a browser and it did load. It's a talking video by Stansberry and ends with a page to buy his newsletter and get some free booklets.

I think I agree with his assessments of what is in the (possibly near) future but I stop short of believing his "fixes", which is buy his newsletters and follow all his advice.

Thanks for taking a look.


SIMON BLACK: 20 December 2010

Hi Brian,

I wondered if your investigative work has uncovered anything pertaining to Simon Black. SB is a pseudonym for an actual name he refuses to reveal. He publishes a free daily international investing and
multi-flags oriented newsletter, Sovereign Man, which highly recommended Stansberry Associates. SB also offers a premium service and other seminars, etc. in Panama. I just wondered if you know of him and whether I should avoid.

Thanks very much for your revealing expose on Porter Stansberry - after reading, I won't be using his services.

Best regards,

Rich McMahon
South Salem, NY

PORTER STANSBERRY: 23 December 2010

Dear Mr. Deer,

Having read your Oct. 2007 Offshore Alert report regarding a Mr. Porter Stansberry, I am compelled to contact you in regard to any further questionable developments involving Mr. Stansberry. I ask as I have just finished llistening to an investment offer presented by Porter Stansberry with respect to the current economic conditions in the uSA and Britain and offering a series of apparently secret investment strategies.  While I am leery of the presentation simply due to the manner in which it is presented I am curious if you are aware of any questionable activities that Mr Stansberry has been involved in aside from the SEC findings referenced in your 2007 report, or where I may search to look into his track record ? Any insight you may offer would be greatly appreciated.


Mike R. Rutter
St Charles, MO 


I keep getting this pop-up advertisement from Stansberry and associates, figured is was a fraud so I googled their name and found out that you were investagating them. I am in the US since you are in UK thought I would let you know that it was happening here also.
Jim Keating

STANSBERRY: 1 January 2011


I was not familiar with your work until I found your review on the internet regarding Porter Stansberry.  Wow, what great work.  Thank-you for your interesting insight and the process of exposing the fraud of the HIV vaccine.  You have saved many their hard earned dollars and for that I thank-you.  Hopefully your work has been rewarded greatly.  You writing is very interesting and understandable for those of us not really into the scientific realm.  Keep up the good work.


Thank you for the insightful article about the pirate and his way of doin business. He is or has a very good writer, and I wish I had such. If I did my writings would be world famous and perhaps I would be having tea with Harry Potters Creator. She is a knock out, and such a smart lady. (sighs)
Ahem back to the matter at hand. I would wonder that he has been allowed to survive this long, and not brought up on real fraud charges. Perhaps you might know a way we could protect those of us who are impulsive,  and are pushed by his twist of the facts, and the weaving of utter poppy cock to sound realistically credible. Keep up the good work and thank you for being one of the few honest journalist left.
Also have you ever heard of TopStockAnalists Digest? (Copied exactly from their letter head.) They are the ones publishing his latest article/video via email. I know your busy but if you get a chance to check them out, and perhaps send me a note about them or the article you write about them, or just say hello.
John Scull
in the southern US


I read the information in your article concerning the fines assessed against Stansberry.  My review came after a friend forwarded an e-mail apparently stemming from Stansberry - very radical I might add.  It was probably about a 1/2 hour listen.  Needless to day, he wants $50 and will then tell you his "secrets".  I'm curious to know if anyone has investigated his latest "venture".


Hi B.D.

Thought you might enjoy...

I stumbled onto your video and after enduring the jingoistic, paternalistic stilted style for a while, I bailed, only to discover that the whole spiel, promising to reveal some critical information, was in fact a late-night-shopping-channel-esque promo piece for your info-rag.  At a time when the economy, the very financial foundation is tanking (by design - you no doubt have seen zeitgeist, alternate aganda, http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=U71-KsDArFM&feature=player_embedded#! ) you guys are just schlock hucksters positioning yourselves as the revealers of inside information which will ensure that your investors/subscribers escape, and even profit from the collapse .... kinda like selling mini-liferafts to the rats on
the titanic
I appreciate the opportunity to engage my critical thinking skills in identifying a bunch of your self-inconsistencies.
On the one hand, you arrogantly trumpet your skill and expertise and "you may kiss my feet" guruism in allegedly having predicted the failure of a bunch of too-big-to-fail corporations/entities (whose activities were soooo grossly fraudulent and fundamentally unsound from a "normal" business perspective that your self-congratulation is out-of-place.  You were not unique in identifying the then coming events, you may just not have been well-positioned to continue to profit by directing your sheep into those plays, so you chose to "predict" their demise
On the other hand, you use a bunch of random big-shot hot-shot millionaire yadayada quotes and soundbites and throw-away-opinions to bolster/artificially credibilize your position you are touting in your video.

Any of your so-called experts are in reality one-decision-away-from-ruin-dipshits just like those who you gleefully recall have already failed.
You are fundamentally dishonest in promising to reveal information in a particular transmission, when in fact you are just doing a feeder into  a typical multi-level info-scam in which the allegedly "real" information is a perpetual carrot, luring the dupes along into recursive/successive (pay-as-they-go) product offerings.
free "video" (actually powerpoint with audio, with stop/pause/forward/rewind controls suppressed to remove even a tiny little bit of autonomy from your target sheeple) which then feeds into paid newsletter, when then feeds into paid-more "inner circle" club, which then feeds into paid "investment tips" on which you profit either directly, or if that is too shysteristic even for you, indirectly through affiliate/representative/marketing arrangements with the investment vehicle (i.e. mini-liferafts alluded to above)
The U.S.Government Silver at $2.08 vid falls into this same category of schlock! You imply that you can provide the leads for obtaining real in-your-hand-silver at $2.08 USD per troy ounce at a time when real silver is around $25 USD/oz. It is so patently laughable that you are shitting on the premium-above-spot, explicitly saying it is waaaay better to be paying only .24% premium (including shipping and insurance) than it is to be paying 20%  at a time when you are projecting returns of 2X, 5X, 30X (oh, actually , make that 37.33X  i.e. 3733% - number magic by the weasels for the stupid).
The one fundamental truth you conveniently hide, or fail to understand yourself, is that the price of gold has remained pretty much stable. The fact that it takes more dollars to buy an ounce of gold
(or any other commodity, also relatively more stable and valuable than the dollar) is because the dollar is worth-less  as in worthless the only reason the tent is not already folded is because the machine, the slave plantation, needs to be kept oiled and running. So even, in the most wildly optimistic scenario of someone buying all your crap, and "investing" in the "opportunities" you are flogging, and actually hitting the 30X bell, and cashing out, and taking it home in dollars, is that those dollars will be worth less than the worth-less they already are. Of course you know that, but your hope is to cash in 100X, 1000X, 10000X on the dupes chasing the carrot on your stick, and convert it to silver/gold.  From the many to the few.
Anyway, that is enough.
just to kick things up a notch, knowing that in commerce, an unrebutted affidavit stands as the truth, I hereby, state that the aforementioned is, to the best of my knowledge and intention, true and accurate.  If there is no timely response by the respondent (that's you Stansberry, individually and/or including any and all associates and assorted hangers-on, NOTICE to AGENT is NOTICE to PRINCIPAL NOTICE to ONE is NOTICE to ALL ) refuting and rebutting, point-by-point each of the statements herein, the respondent agrees and affirms each of the statements herein.

STANSBERRY: 27 January 2011

I just watched the endofamerica11.com video and came across your website while doing my research. Could you please give me more of your opinions on the gloom and doom of this video and any other info you may think is relevant

Thanks in advance,



Mr. Deer:
I just read your "Friend or Foe" article on Porter Stansberry.  Thanks for writing that.
Like so many others, I decided to subscribe to Porter's newsletter after watching his ‚€œEnd of America‚€ video.  I knew it was a sales pitch when I got to the end but my curiosity got the better of me.  I had to know what all of his "secret" solutions to the forthcoming dooms day scenario were.

His solutions were basically to:  (1)  buy precious metals (gold) and store them offshore, sell PUTs (stock options), and buy farm land.  There was actually a fourth recommendation but I totally forgot it.  When I subscribed, I was informed that my account was set up for "automatic" annual subscription renewal.

I sent Stansberry & Associates an e-mail requesting to be taken off of automatic renewal just a few days ago.  I received an e-mail response stating that I would have to do this over the phone during working hours.  Fair enough.  It is the weekend.  I'll try calling them on Monday.   I'll let you know how that turns out.  Hopefully, I'm only out the money for just one year.
I've noticed a trend in these investment newsletters setting subscribers up for "automatic" renewal.  My boss recently subscribed to a newsletter known as the "Stock of the Month" issued by the Street Authority.  He was smart enough to ask them, while subscribing, whether or not he was being set up for automatic renewal.  He was ordering by phone.  They answered affirmative.  He requested that he not be placed on automatic renewal and they told him he would be removed from the list.  This automatic renewal business shouldn't be legal.
One other strange thing.  I haven't been able to find a picture of Porter.  There is a video on YouTube wherein a radio announcer is interviewing him.  In the chain of blogs below the video, one of the persons commented that he (she?) had never actually seen a photograph of Porter.  Being curious, I tried to find one using Google.  I couldn't find one either.  There was one photograph that might have been him.  When I clicked on it, I got this urgent message that my computer had been infected by a malicious virus.  It wanted me to click on a button to get rid of the virus.  However, I was suspicious because it wasn't my resident ant-virus program.  I suspect it was a trojan to actually load a virus.  I don't know for sure.  I elected to power off my computer instead of taking either selection this bogus anti-virus software was offering me.  I'm not saying that Porter was responsible for this but, if not him, who?  This guy seems to really want to stay under the radar.  I you have the means, I would really appreciate it if you would post a photo of the guy when you do a story of him in the future.  None of the other newsletter authors I subscribe to are this secretive.  You can go to any of their websites and see their photographs.
Jim Tenney

STANSBERRY ON TV: 17 February 2011

I came upon your pal Porter Stansberry by following up on a television advertisement for www.endofamerica58.com. I found out about his security fraud later and did not bother to buy any newsletters. However, I must say that his story about Yugoslavia in 1993 and the fall from grace of Sterling certainly sounded feasible. Should I be scared?
Dennis M Kanka
St Clair Shores, MI


Hi Mr. Deer,
I just read your report on Porter Stansberry and I admit I wish I had read it before subscribing to Byron King s Outstanding Investments (OI) newsletter.  I am not sure how Porter Stansberry is connected to Agora Financial (the publisher) or OI but what is clear is that they use some of the same tactics and verbage to sell their newsletter.  This subscription comes with a no questions asked money back guarantee and I was about to exercise that when I came across your article.  It s not the subscription fee I am worried about.  It s the investment advice, which if this is a scam, will saddle me with losses that would really hurt me as I am not wealthy.
I was wondering if you had ever reviewed OI or Byron King and if you had found them to be a scam.  Along with your article, I found countless reviews (unfortunately most are early 2010 and before) basically slamming this newsletter as a scam.
Any information and/or recommendation would be greatly appreciated!!  Here s a copy of the confirmation I received from OI:

Welcome, and How to Make the Most of Your Outstanding Investments Subscription 
Dear  Vincent Muia

First and foremost, thank you for subscribing to Outstanding Investments. It's great to have you on board.

As you most likely know, this is a fantastic time to invest in natural resources especially in the beginning rounds of an all out oil war! And specifically, you ve made a great decision to join Outstanding Investments where we consistently pick profitable resource stocks.

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But this resource run is far from over&

In the coming years, one thing will be strikingly clear: The world is running low on resources like oil and precious metals. And here at Outstanding Investments, we aim to profit from the world's craving for energy and things of real value.

The dollar will depreciate, the Middle East will remain turbulent and the prices for oil and gold will rise but you ll be well ahead of the curve with Outstanding Investments model portfolio.

Needless to say, I m sure this service will treat you well over the years and I couldn t be any more excited to share it with you...

Your guide to the profitable world of natural resources is Byron King, the editor of Outstanding Investments. Byron s a Harvard trained geologist with 30 years of unparalleled expertise in the field of natural resources. Byron s expertise has made him a frequent guest on media outlets like CNN and Fox News. His expertise has also directly led readers like you to some fantastic gains!

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Vincent S. Muia

BRAVO: 21 February 2011

Just found your Porter Stansberry stuff. Bravo! I told a relative there is a grain of truth to Stanberry's snake oil, which helps make it plausible to the ill-informed. It doesn't help that the agencies charged with safeguarding the hen house were asleep during the financial crisis. These are the best of times for cynics and skeptics.

kind regards from seattle,

Michael J. Parks
Editor Emeritus
Marple's Letter



I read with fascination and admiration your concise critique of Porter Stansberry, self-proclaimed sage of the financial world.  It warms my heart to know that people with your journalistic ability are still at work in these days of fast and loose reporting. 

Your reports on this scalawag are fascinating, a bit like a pit bull on an intruder.  I positively loved your comment about his lawyer not knowing the correct term, reckless.  That gave me a belly laugh! 

Stansberry is now running radio ads in America with teasers about how he predicted the current financial mess and how he knows the next catastrophe, etc.  It s a teaser piece asking people to go to endofamerica15.com for the scoop.  He s still selling his advisor letter at half price.

P.T. Barnum said there s a sucker born every minute.  He could have added and a charlatan is born every day.   Thanks for battling one fraud at a time.  It helps.


Michael Montague
Downers Grove, Illinois

HELLO BRIAN: 1 March 2011

I really liked reading your emails to/from Porter Stansberry.  I googled his name after seeing some honestly "scary" commercial re: endofamerica2011.com.  Is this another one of his scams?




Just received this attachment from a relative.  We know Stansberry is not to be trusted--mostly from your investigations--but were hoping you could respond to this particular newsletter on your website.

Hank & Linda Cooper


As a first time investor I came across this Stansberry fellow, seems to good to be real, then I read your artcle about him.. Thank YouI guess the next step would have been the SA Grail.

Thanks Again Danial McGowan


Mr. Deer,

I was sitting on the couch this morning watching FoxNews' coverage of the earthquake in Japan and the possible tsunami waves hitting California, when Porter Sansberry's commercial with a website www.endofamerica10.com came up. I quickly typed it in a new browser and listened to his claim of the U.S. basically falling apart and becoming a has been in the financial world leaving all it's residents in a devastating state of financial ruin threatening our lives. Panic didn't set it, I had more questions than answers. At the end of his rambling speech, was the icing on the cake...he was selling something, he was selling something that would ensure our financial safety as well as get me and my family through the crisis that was lurking over head. I question his credibility, facts, and his honesty, so I googled his name. I found several websites that said he was sued by the SEC for fraud, I dug a little deeper and then I found your site. It's hard to find anything on this guy and I would like to know more.

I find your research and your work to be intriguing. I am curious to find out if there's any merit to his comments or if he's just full of hot air. Do you have any suggestions?

Thank you so very much for your time

Very respectfully,
Victoria Murphy

PORTER SCAM: 18 March 2011

I listened to Porter's lengthy video about the upcoming event that will 'change' America. I also read your report on this specific video and other past scandals he's been in. At the end of your report you allude to the fact that this all seems familiar; he's scamming people again. I agree he is trying to scam people by scaring them into buying his "guaranteed" solutions (Come on those voice recordings of his 'clients' were pretty cheesy). I didn't buy the subscription obviously, but do you think any part of the video is true? Do you think the US monetary system is bound to fail? Do you think it is possible the US will face economic hardship translating to losses of many people's savings in the next 10 years? I can't help but be a little worried about money in stocks/if banks are as safe as they appear.

A little concerned,



Thanks for your article, Brian!

I saw the Stansberry advisory yesterday.  A friend had pushed it.  But I told her my criteria for this kind of stuff: fear and confusion lead to the Then I watched it.  It's an effective presentation.  I was rather concerned.  Yours is the first site I've seen which sheds a critical light on his background and motives.  Now I'm curious, mildly concerned and most important, quite sure I was right in the first place.  This ad is only meant to sell a news letter and perhaps to drive up the already inflated values of Stansberry, et al's precious metal investments.

Thanks again, Brian!

D. Glenn Hill

SIMON BLACK: 27 March 2011

Dear Mr. Deer,

I have recently started reading articles posted under the pen name of Simon Black at sovereignman.com.

Recently, conducting some research, I ran across some negative information about him posted mostly by one person:




Apparently one of the companies listed under his Whois domain registration information was involved in some unlawful activity in Singapore:


By chance I ran across your site and information about Stansberry Research and remembered that "Simon Black" had posted a link to the video that Stansberry widely promotes:


It makes me think that "birds of a feather may flock together".

Don't know if this is anything you might be interested in or not, but it appears a few big sites / blogs have linked to his site, reported on it etc., including Zero Hedge and FT as can be seen on his site to the right and just above the "fold".

I know he certainly pulled me in and I have read and re-tweeted several of his articles under my Twitter handle @tkinder.

Seems to have lots of general information on his site that appears, on its face, to be good, but not much specific. That could be, in part, a sales technique, but he is awfully vague even about his supposed fact-to-face seminars - not even revealing where they took place.

I haven't invested any money with "Simon Black" and am not in the same business as he is. I work in manufacturing in the U.S., enjoy Twitter and have an interest in business, economics, and politics.

Thanks for your time,

Terry Kinder


Dear Mr. Deer,

I am a reporter working with Kitco News and I am currently reviewing allegations about Porter Stansberry. I was hoping that I could speak with you in regards to the aforementioned as we feature commentary submissions from various authors, one of whom is Mr. Stansberry. I noticed that you had investigated a case about VaxGen Inc. and this was directly related to Mr. Stansberry. I was hoping that you may have further information that could be of use to me.

Please contact me at the co-ordinates provided below with any information that could further help me in my research.

In the interim, I remain,
Cecilia Tulikowski-Denison
Content Coordinator



I just listened to  an audio listed in an email about 'stansberry Investment ...  about how the dollar is going to collapse as the world currency and how to subscribe to their Advisory... It sounded resonable, even plausable.. and the price was only $49.xx  a year.. reasonable.. then I googled the Stansberry name and came up with a scam associated with this.. then your
article on the Stansberry fraud.. so good.. I love that you researched the vaccine and could stand up to the fellows who were going to put one over on everyone!!!!!!

Strange use of the name 'pirate investor'.. you think it would give away the game.

But, thank you, Appreciate your article and.. RESEARCH!!



Hi Brian,
You do great work! Let me know if I can help the cause from my inauspicious perch in Sacramento, California. I m a Technical Writer with a background in engineering and sales/marketing, so maybe I can be of some small service to your investigations on an important case.

A friend sent me your link re: the VaxGen/Stansberry fraud case after I sent him a link to an hour-long pitch for a newsletter (preceded by what I felt at the time was valid economic soothsaying). Glad you ve already covered the topic.
Just for reference, here s the latest Porter Stansberry newsletter pitch, in case it s newer than the one you ve already thoroughly reported on (I doubt it):



Peter Chrissanthis
Technical Writer


Mr. Deer
What is your current position on Stansberry Research? They are still on the internet pushing to buy their subscriptions at about $39.00 for a year of "information". Things like DIVIDEND BOOST, CARRY TRADE, PRIVATE DIVIDENDS etc. Try it for 6 months and if not satisfied they will return the money . .no questioned asked!
I've read some of your investigative reporting and I can not believe that the main man behind this enterprise has changed.

If you have time please provide some of your insight.
Thank you,
Joedy Gardner
Arizona USA


My name is Mark Khoury and I listened to your vidoe presentation and at the end I paid the $49.50 to receive all those booklets you have written.  Your charge has appeared on my statement Aprill 22 but I have not received anything via email.
Please advice regarding this...
Thank you.


Hi Brian,
I read your news blog on Stanberry & Assoc  (http://briandeer.com/vaxgen/porter-stansberry.htm). I did not quite understand if you though he was bogus or not.

I do believe that our country, currency, and social structure is in serious trouble. But I am on Soc Sec and do not make much. I do not want to spend money on a Hox - or something that would be a waste of my time. I do stock food, water, ammo, and am trying to buy a piece of property outside the cities. So I am trying to look ahead, but as I said, I get very little money a month.
Please - let me know if you would invest in it or not.

Thank you so much for your time.

Sincerely, Victoria



Just read your page at:  http://briandeer.com/stansberry/stansberry-investment-3.htm  I found the piece to be very instructive about Pirate Investing but am a bit confused about your conclusion. 
Chart 1 shows that China, the 2nd biggest holder of US debt instruments, has rather sharply reduced its  dollar denominated bonds.  Which, I guess, Porter is claiming is bad for the US economy?  If China doesn't buy our debt instruments, who will and what does that do to the FED s mandate to not let interest rates rise?  Are there any indications that either the Administration, Congress, or the FED have a plan for dealing with it other than a tacit assumption that they will have to initiate a QE 3?
Chart 2 shows a 350% rise in the price of gold over the last 10 years. I understand that you believe this is a bubble contrary to Porter's contention that the high price is here to stay.

Chart 3 shows that gold has steadily risen since the 1974, spiked in the 1980s then came back down until the rise started again in 2000.  Are you using this chart to show that the current price will also fall back to a much lower number?  Since the fundamentals are not the same, and it looks like they are not on the road to change, what is the rational for believing that the price of gold will recede?

I'm not defending a person who has an SEC judgment against him I do not know Porter Standsberry.  I m just trying to understand anyone s argument that the economy is going to make a comeback and the price of gold will drop in the future.  Unfortunately, I can t see that from the charts you quote so would like to know the basis of your contention that Porter's predictions are incorrect.  Forget the you can have private knowledge of xyz and make millions if you order today& nonsense.  That's is bad advertising and may even be illegal.  But the concerns about the economy and predictions of doom unless the economic trauma is sorted out soon shouldn't be dismissed without a sound counter argument which if you have, I'd really like to know about it.

Thank you,
Dan Eliason

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