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Stansberry research

Porter Stansberry in review:

the first Porter Poll results

I think Victoria will be interested in the Porter Poll. From it she will certainly "learn more". Bringing together the responses of the first 1165 participants, it offers a snapshot of public opinion about the subject of this article, not gathered together before. The poll is based on a five-point spread of answers, allowing visitors to select from a list I've supplied the opinion that most resembles their views. Two of these are positive. Two are negative. And one is neither positive, nor negative.

The opinions from which my poll participants can choose are framed this way. Very simple. "If you ask me, Porter Stansberry..."

Then come the answers, from a pull-down menu. The positive ones are these. "If you ask me, Porter Stansberry..."

(a) "Is #1 for investment advice"


(b) "Always deserves to be listened to"

Easy isn't it? But don't choose yet. There are three more possible answers.

I should stress that positive views do appear in my mailbox. Despite those I've shown you, reviews aren't always hostile. For example, Michael R. Lesher wrote to tell me:

I just saw a video of his, pushing his newsletter again, and he does make some extremely valid points and claims.

Meanwhile, another Victoria wrote, seemingly confused over what my opinion might be:

I read your news blog on Stansberry & Associates. I did not quite understand if you though he was bogus or not. I do believe that our country, currency, and social structure is in serious trouble.

It sounds as if Victoria hasn't made up her mind, or that her views are neither positive nor negative. And for people like her, I devised the third answer to my Porter Poll opinion survey. Of course, it doesn't cover the full range of possible opinion. That's why I call the poll quantitative in kind. What we're trying to get is that priceless objective for investors: numbers, or put another way, data.

"If you ask me, Porter Stansberry..."

(c) "Has good and bad days, like us all"

Complimenting Stansberry

I went hunting for such opinions, but found them hard to find. Most people have firmer conclusions. Other websites also hear from avid Stansberry followers, so I shamelessly stole one from such. Here's an anonymous reviewer who turned up somewhere else, not only praising the man, but heaping compliments upon other tipsters at Agora Inc's stable in Baltimore.

Under the optimistic heading "Love him or hate him, he's usually right" the author declared:

I read the Stansberry bashing and I can't help but feel sorry for those reviewers. There's no such thing as 100% accurate option or stock trade anywhere in the investment world. Porter and all the Agora publications are designed for well capitalized investors who can participate in many different types of investments. Overall, anyone who has followed common sense allocation rules should be up huge from Stansberry picks. Jeff Clark is brilliant. Steve Sjuggerud, Badiali, all those guys, are beasts when it comes to breaking down companies, finding gems and separating out the garbage.

I disagree with Porter's beliefs in many things, but I couldn't care less about his opinions on government or Obama, as long as he keeps making good calls and my portfolio keeps growing. The amount of research I get delivered to my inbox is priceless. I could never find the time to put together such varied analysis on so many companies. That's why they are so successful, because anyone with half a brain knows how valuable their product is.

I'm assuming that the somewhat euphoric tone of that anonymous review doesn't mean it was written by Porter's mother. And, giving him or her the benefit of the doubt, the author concludes his testimonial with great praise indeed, placing Porter Stansberry's employers in illustrious investing company:

It's just my opinion, if you had a losing option trade, and abandoned a system because of that, then you are destined to lose money in the markets until the day you die. As far as I'm concerned there's only two companies I would pay for investment research from: AGORA Publishing and MOTLEY FOOL.

I've no doubt that this investor, if he took part in the Porter Poll, would select from one of the two options that are firmly positive. But I've still got a mailbox stuffed with carping and criticism which, for good or ill, I feel bound to sample further.

These are from folk who would select from the negative options, which complete the five-part multiple choice. As with the positive, there are two to choose from, and, again, we are looking for data.

The first is "If you ask me, Porter Stansberry..."

(d) "Exploits the gullibility of naive investors"

The last is:

(e) "Belongs in jail"

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