Royal Television Society journalism awards
20 February 2007


Home video clip on drug trial TV nomination

The home video clip at this page was made by Brian Deer at the annual Royal Television Society journalism awards dinner at the London Hilton hotel on 20 February 2007, where Deer was a nominee.

At the awards, Deer's 2006 investigation, The drug trial that went wrong, was pitched against the best United Kingdom television journalism from the BBC and other national broadcasters in the home current affairs category.

The programme, screened on the Channel 4 television network on 28 September 2006, looked at what happened to Ryan Wilson (right) who took part in a notorious research project at Northwick Park hospital, London, where six young men were seriously injured by an experimental monoclonal antibody, known as TGN1412.

Wilson, aged 20 and at the time a trainee plumber, was nearly killed, spent two weeks in a coma and was permanently disabled. For this video, Deer borrowed a £100 amateur camera which he'd never used before, and gave it back the next day.

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The drug trial that went wrong
Brian Deer

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