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By Padraic Flanagan, PA News

PA 25 Mar 99 2:47 GMT S4606

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The Guardian was named Newspaper of the Year in a triumphant night at the British Press Awards.

The newspaper also won the Scoop of the Year award for an investigation into a faked Carlton Television drugs documentary, and its financial editor Alex Brummer took the Financial Journalist of the Year prize. Mazher Mahmood of the News of the World won Reporter of the Year for his expose of two directors of Newcastle United Football Club. In a new category, BBC News Online took the award for the best internet news service.

The full list of winners from the Press Gazette British Press Awards at London's Hilton Hotel last night were:

:: Newspaper of the Year - The Guardian

:: Sports Reporter of the Year -- Michael Calvin, Mail on Sunday

:: Specialist Reporter of the Year -- Brian Deer, Sunday Times

:: Foreign Reporter of the Year -- John Lichfield, Independent on Sunday

:: Reporter of the Year -- Mazher Mahmood, News of the World

:: Critic of the Year -- Charles Spencer, Daily Telegraph

:: Feature Writer of the Year -- Deborah Ross, Independent

:: Columnist of the Year -- Rebecca Tyrrel, Sunday Telegraph

:: Financial Journalist of the Year -- Alex Brummer, The Guardian

:: Business Journalist of the Year -- Neil Bennett, Sunday Telegraph

:: Cartoonist of the Year -- Mac Pritchett, The Daily Mail

:: Sports Photographer of the Year -- Ian Rutherford, The Scotsman

:: Photographer of the Year -- Jeremy Selwyn, Evening Standard

:: Scoop of the Year -- Michael Sean Gillard and Laurie Flynn, The Guardian

:: Team Reporters of the Year -- The Mirror

:: Online Service of the Year -- BBC News Online

:: Supplement of the Year -- Megat, The Times

:: Young Journalist of the Year -- Burhan Wazir, The Observer

:: Press Gazette Gold Award -- David Chipp, former Press Association editor, for services to journalism.

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