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  SULFATRIM: 7 January 2006

I have been going through your E-mails in search of side effects. It was very informative. My normally healthy 24 year old son came down with this flu-like stuff around Christmas. He let it drag on too long and ended up with two badly infected ears. The doctor at the local clinic gave him Sulfatrim 800\160 to take for 10 days. The first day he took two doses. About midnight that night he felt strange, leaned up against the wall and woke up face down in the floor. He had barely eaten that day, and although alarmed, he seemed fine after a big glass of orange juice and some grilled cheese sandwiches. Before eating his hands were shaking like someone with too much caffiene.

The next day he took another dose, and by about eight that night he felt very close to passing out again, but again he seemed to get over it. Day three he took both doses again, and seemed for the most part to be fine.That night he still seemed very nervous and said he still felt wierd, I tried to ask but he said he could not describe it, that he just didn't feel right. The key thing on each of these days that scared him the most was that he could feel his heart beating really fast. This is day four, and he almost skipped it for fear of something else happening. But yesterday we went back to the doctor and had lots of blood work done to check for any reason for the blackouts. They found nothing, and of course said there was no way the medicine could cause him to pass out, so he decided to take one more dose today. That was about six hours ago, before I found your website. After reading all of these stories, combined with the fact that he had been really sick for nearly two weeks, but didn't pass out until after taking the medicine, it will be the last dose he will take regardless of how he feels tonight. In your studies, do you believe this was caused by the Sulfatrim? Thank you for your website, it may save a lot of people from suffering. By the way, my other son could never take it because he would throw it up immediately. Guess that was a blessing in disguise.

Sybil S.

SULPHONAMIDES: 12 January 2006

Dear Sir,

I read your articles with interest. I was given sulphonamides as a child for a urinary tract infection, which I suspect was Septrin as the name seems so familiar. Whilst my reaction was mild compared to a lot of other people, I became very ill with a rash from head to toe and constant vomiting. At first I was diagnosed as having German Measles, but it soon became clear that this was not the case. Once the drug was pinpointed as the problem I was told that I could never take sulphonamides again.
I am a British ex-patriate living in Abu Dhabi and today I took my 3-year old daughter to a paediatrician with a suspected urinary tract infection. I was prescribed Bactrim. I noted from the box that it was a sulphonamide and I became concerned. I then stumbled across your web pages. As a result I have made and informed decision not to give this drug to my daughter as I feel that there must be a safer alternative and shall be consulting her doctor accordingly.

Jane K.

BACTRIM DS: 22 January 2006

Brian, I just currently finished a 3 day dose of 2x day Bactrim DS for a UTI. It worked. However, I had quite a lot of dizziness, nausea and strange nervous/weak feelings. I am still experiencing these symptoms, but as I just took my last pill this morning I assume, it will take a day or two to leave my system. I hope so! I am glad to be finished with this drug. I was concerned about taking this drug because I have asthma and allergies. So far no problems with this concern. Even the pharmacist didn t seem to know why asthma should be a concern. I found that strange. After reading that the usual dosage is 12 days, I am glad my doctor only prescribed for 3. Bottom line, it is scary taking any medications.


BACTRIM DS: 23 January 2006

I was taking bactrim ds because my doctor felt that I had a stomach virus. After taking it for just one day I could not get out of bed. I couldn't even move in bed. I had a fever of 103 for 2 days. Felt week dizzy and like vomiting. could not do anything for myself. So I decided for myself that this was not gonna work so I stopped it. Thank God I did because who know what would have happen, Now it been 3 days and I cannot fully move my legs and my nerves are shot. I cant eat certain things because it does not taste good and certain smells that were pleasing are not annoying. This might not have anything to do with the pill but I was OK before that.



Obviously, you are a "David" fighting Goliath for all of us who have been victims of the drug, Sulfamethoxazole. I experienced this on Monday, January 23, 2006. I had made my breakfast so that I could take my 5th of 6 pills. I took it around 9:30 that morning and never remember anything else. I was told I answered phone calls, talked with people, and was even telling them that something was wrong with the medicine, but I don't remember any of it. I visited the doctor the next day (yesterday) and all she said was, you must be allergic and we will note that in your file! Thank heavens I didn't get in the car and drive to work after taking it. I could have killed someone.

In addition, I still don't know what the actual fallout from this medication will be. I may still develop the blisters or my kidneys may be damaged.

I haven't decided what course I am going to take on this, but I am going to do something to help others. While I feel there will be retribution from my doctors if I might need another antibiotic, I can't sit by and let this be ignored.

Carol, Texas

SEPTRA DS: 28 January 2006

I had urinary problems and my doctor prescribed septra ds 2 a day. I started taking the medication I started to have headaches that felt as if my head was going to burst, I developed severe nausea and could only lie on the sofa with an ice bag on my head to feel any relief. After taking my 3rd dose of the septra ds, I went on line to check out the med. I never have headaches..and they were so severe I thought I was going to die. I stopped taking the medication immediately after reading your articles...the headaches are subsiding...I reported the problem to the doctor and am now on another antibiotic. I usually check out medications before I take them, but I never thought I would have a reaction to an antibiotic. It is the second day after discontinuing the medication and still have mild intermittent headaches, but the nausea is gone. Hopefully the headaches will stop altogether soon. It is funny because I have had no allergies to medications and am 54 years old. Thanks for your web site. It was so very helpful.


SEPTRA: 31 January 2006

Hi Brian,

I never thought about looking for side effects on the internet, until today after I found your site and scary email from all over the world.

I started to take Septra DS sometime around September 2005 prescribed from a dermatologist for acne. I took it for about a week and I was fine. Then I remember stopping it for couple days (just forgot), and when I started again, I had rashes in my right arm. It was bumpy, red, and itchy. I even thought a mosquito bit me or our rented apartment had some kind of bug. The rashes were still there. I continued to take Septra for few days more, when I for forgot again. Then I noticed the itch was better. I had a thought and I quit to take it since then. Just for precaution. In my right arm, where I had the bumpy and the itches, a small gray scar was left. I thought it was a scar left of too much itching.

Today I went to see my doctor (Family practitioner) and she prescribed me Septra DS for sore throat. The name of the medicine sounded familiar... and when I got home I found enough medicine for the days she asked me to take. I called the pharmacist to check if they were the same drug and he confirmed it. I took one pill with my lunch and about 6 hours late I got the rash at exactly same spot I had before. And the small scar left before was the eye of the red itchy bump.

That's when I decided to look for side effects on the Internet... and I found your site.

Just some more additional information: I also started to take one baby aspirin at that time, and I am taking the baby aspirin since then. And I always take two pills of Benadryl for my allergy.

I hope this info will help someone, because for sure, after reading all this, I will never let anyone in my family take Septra.

Celia, Utah


I have had an allergic reaction to an antibiotic called sulfamethoxazole that I took for 6 days. I have never had such a reaction. Of course I was told to go off med.. At night is when it happens that I wake up with big red welts around the lower front and back of my body that itch like crazy. I was taking it for an infected burn. During the day there are no symptoms while when I wake up it is awful maddening itch. I bought some Benedryl and oatmeal bath powder. This has been the last 2 days. Doctor said to call back on Friday. Is there anything else I can do? After reading your web site and discovering those that have had this for a very long period of time, even years?

Now, I am scared.

Pat Z

SEPTRIN: 7 February 2006

I was diagnosed with a UTI yesterday ( Feb 6 2006), i was given septrin for 3 days twice a day, 15 minutes after the first dose i had incredible vaginal irritation. My labia has swelled up making sitting, walked etc very uncomforatable.

Now i believe i have been on this medication once before about 2 years ago for a UTI. If i recal correctly, when i went in asking about why it hurt so much and why everything was so swollen, i had a dr. ask me "well do you think its herpies?" "are you sure your husband has been faithful?" I was floored. Not once did the medication come up, because i am young it had to be an std to him. Jack ass.

I am never taking this medication again, the pain is unberable, and i honestly think that something that could cause SJS shouldn't even be given out. Especially to children, if i would have been told this before then i would haven't taken it.

Jackie O.

BACTRIM: 7 February 2006

Took bactrim DS twice a day for a week of a 2-week regimen before a light bulb came on in my head and checked internet sites and immediately flushed the remaining pills. I am a 73-year-old woman who has had numerous UTI's but had not taken bactrim - many years ago I took a sulfa drug for a UTI (colored my urine orange) and had no adverse reaction so when I saw sulfa on the prescription my urologist gave me I assumed I was not allergic, I had no medication allergies!! - until NOW!!!! From the start, I had terrific anxiety, shaking, alternating hot and cold episodes, no appetite until on the 7th day when I became so upset, crying, etc., that I thought I was losing my mind. I had already talked to a nurse on the 5th day of taking it and to an on-call doctor on the 7th day with my concerns. I told them I was on bactrim and that it was really rough and that I was a 'basket-case' and no one ever mentioned any side effects. I will never take another drug without first checking out medication websites. I have been off the drug for nearly 3 days and still have diarrhea, nervousness, and weakness. I can't imagine why they would give this to anyone much less an older person.

Robert P.

APO-SULFATRIM: 9 February 2006

Dear Brian,

My 6 yr old daughter was recently precribed Sulfatrim for a UTI. 2 days ago to be exact. After taking this drug she was sore and achy all over. That night she had sudden urges to urinate and couldn't hold it and ended up wetting the bed, floor. This happened about 3 times then she ended up vomitting. Her temperature spiked to 41C. I had called the pharmacist to see if there are any harsh reactions to this drug. He told me he hasn't heard of any and that it may be a flu that she has, aswell as a UTI. He also said that these symptoms come with having a UTI. She has no appetite and is still vomiting. I gave her childrens motrin for the fever, pepto bismol for her upset stomach as well as the sulfatrim(earlier).She wakes up in the night crying and yelling for me and doesn't know why and is very disorientated. Now I went on the internet tonight to see what the reactions are and have found your site. Oh my god I can't believe this drug is still on the market! Worse yet that they prescribe it to children!! I am out raged and I am going to tell this doctor all about your site so that maybe he will never prescribe any of these Meds to any one ever again. I will not be giving her anymore of this drug. Tahnk you so much for this site it just may have saved my daughters life.

Desiree C, Medicine Hat, AB, Canada

BACTRIM: 11 February 2006

I have had a simular experience with Bactrim. I had an hystrectomy in 2000 within 2 weeks after surgery I began having severe abdominal pains so I went back into the doctors office on Friday and was diagnosed with a UTI. I was prescibed Bactrim. Within 3 hours of taking the medication my eyes starting hurting and shortly after my arms legs and complete body I called my doctors emergency line and where I was prescribed another medication I believe was (macrobid). My body continued to hurt where I could not sleep. I was informed by my doctors office to wait until Monday to come into the office. After arriving at the doctors office and my current state viewed by my doctor, I was admitted back into the hospital for a week. When I was admitted back into the hospital after taking Bactrim 2 gentlemen for the pharmacutical company came to visit me and instructed me this had never happened to anyone before they examined me noted information and I never heard from them again. After leaving the hospital I noticed I began losing my ability of holding water, or knowing when I had to move my bowels I was wearing Depends for a while and had to stay close to home. I was referred to a urologist in which I seen for a year and could not determine why every 2 - 3 weeks or the other problems I was suffering from. I was now getting severe bladder infections in which I never had before surgery or every taking Bactrim. After 1 year I research and switch Urologist in which I have now been diagnosed with a disorder called (Interstisial Cystisis) where my bladder is now diteriating. Annually I have to have surgery to have my bladder coated with a solution to prolong this condition and take medication 3 times a day. I have had numerous surgeries and is now disgusted, because no one can give me any answers as to why this has happened. I forgot to mention also, the medication was prescibe for 2 times a day but the pharmacist prescibe it for 4 times a day, and initially they were being blamed but I had only taking 1 or 2 pills before having the symptoms.

K B, Greer, SC

BACTRIM: 12 February 2006

I am writing about my mother who was given Bactrim (w/sulphur) by the emergency room doctor for a case of shingles. Mom just got out of intensive care yesterday. She had a severe drop in her Potassium and Sodium and she had a seizure from her brain swelling. She was incoherant for several days and had to be restrained because she kept pulling out her IV's. She is finally getting back to normal and the doctor told me it was a alergic reaction to Bactrim.


SEPTRA DS: 12 February 2006

This is my third day of taking septra for a bladder infection. I started it the first day with a large amount of blood in my urine and within 3 hours of taking the first pill, the bleeding stopped. I don't know anything about the side effects, but it surely worked wonders for me.


BACTRIM: 13 February 2006

Hey Brian

thumbs up for the informative website. Unfortunately for me, im oblivious to the fact of how drugs like Bactrim can cost anybody. Its a shocking truth and i myself am still recovering from side effects of taking Bactrim. It all started when i had a really bad flu, fever and sore throat, so the first doc i went to gave me Bactrim to cure the flu and also the suspected UTI. Only 2dose of Bactrim, i woke up with a red flush on my face, i thought it was the fever so i went to work that day. The whole evening after taking another dose of Bactrim, my face worsened it became really reddish and that night i had the worst nightmare for my face had become swollen, especially my nose and my mouth.

My family have no allergy history so it didnt come to my mind that i would have one. I woke up 4am in the morning to see a monster in the mirror. I was so devastated for my face not only swell but the rashes is really bad because i thought the skin had open up and i saw pus in it. I felt like a living corpse. Because im staying alone in the country, i have no one to turn to. Went to a skin specialist the first thing in the morning and on the whole process i felt like i am a participant in a 'staring contest'.

My face is now reddish and both my arms also developed photosensitive rashes because of the drug, its still itchy and i've been given steroids. My skin is in bad condition now, its as if u can see your blood capillaries. But the swelling is gone, that i am really thankful. Never in my life i'll take Bactrim or sulphur drugs anymore. I hope readers out there be really careful, when prescribed any drug, find out what you might be allergic to. It could safe your life and also painful experience.

Janice L, Malaysia, Kuala Lumpur.

SMZ/TMP: 13 February 2006

Brian Deer,

I started taking the prescription drug SMZ/TMP 6 days ago. I became very ill. For 5 days I ran a fever of 102-103 degrees. What are these doctors thinking when they prescribe this medication for an inner ear infection? Aren't they suppose to be healing people not killing them? It makes a person scared to go to the doctors for anything.

Wanda, Arkansas

BACTRIM: 19 February 2006

Hello Mr. Deer,

I usually wouldn't post something on a website, but I have had a reaction to Bactrim DS. It was prescribed to me for MRSA to be taken twice a day.

I was fine until the third day. Then I noticed some itchy spots, but no rash. Thought it was just dry skin. Then that night after my p.m. dose I started panicking for no reason. Have had anxiety before, but no panic attacks in a year or two. A half hour after the attack I laid down and fell immediately asleep. After that I noticed my water tasted like sugar. My mouth tasted like sugar. Went to bed woke up every hour with anxiety. In the morning I had a sunburn on my face, and the sheet marks were very red and itchy on my neck and abdomen. I also still had this sweet taste. I had two red patches at the corners of my mouth. Looked at my tongue in the mirror and it looked like I sucked on a blue/white lollipop all night. It was Saturday morn and I called the answer service for my doctor and a cousin who works at a pharmacy. The pharmacist says that the reaction can show up a few days later. She told me to not take anymore. The doctor had told me that the bactrim can effect the nerves on your tongue and that was what the taste thing was. The symptoms seemed to subside during the day, but came back later in the evening. This still 24 hours after my last dose. Had to take my son to the ER for flu like symptoms and showed the dr and the nurse my tongue, they never seen anything like it.

I also have experienced a heightened sense of smell, burning eyes, breast pain, loss of appetite, muscle spasms, vaginal itch and burn, I can feel the air come out of my tear ducts when I blow my nose now, and a slight fever and headache. The worst is the anxiety. I also still have a blue tongue and sweet sensation after 36 hours without a dose of bactrim. I had never taken sulfur drugs before. I wonder if this is an allergic reaction or more like a poisoning. I just hope it goes away soon and doesn't cause any permanent damage to my body.

Thanks for listening.

Trish, Delaware.

SEPTRA DS: 22 February 2006

I was given 14 doses of Septra Ds to be taken twice a day for seven days. It was given to me in New Orleans by a FEMA doctor in a medical tent. He had huge jars he was emptying into bags as people came through. I was experiencing a sore throat and cold symptoms for two weeks before I finally decided to take the drug. When I asked the doctor if I really needed antibiotics he said for me to wait and see if my cold cleared up and then take them if it didn't. I waited another week before taking them. On the second day of Septra DS I began to experience extreme joint pain in my ankles, wrists and elbows. My back hurt too bad to sit on the base of my spine. I slept very little and ran fevers as high as 102. I hand very short breath. I was unable to prepare food for myself or clean my house. I awoke one night crying because of the pain in my teeth and fingertips. On the seventh day I developed a rash all over my body of connecting tiny red welts that formed heads. I had no energy. After seeing a doctor again and discontinuing the Septra after 13 doses, I have been taking Prednisone and Benadryl, yet now days later my mouth is covered in white ulcers. No one warned me at all about this drug. My only advice was to drink plenty of water. I am hor rified at what I have done to my body.

BACTRIM: 24 February 2006

Dear Mr. Deer,

I from Spain but I live in Florida since a year ago. Thank you very much for your website, it has been very helpful.

I took Bactrim for 3 days, two pills a day almost a week ago. I am very scared because the side effecs are not going away. I took Benadryl but is not helping. My tongue is swallen and it hurst so much, like if i had cuts all over it. My skin has rushes and I feel extremelly tired and depressed.

I read a lot of stories from people with side effects but I havent figured out how long does it take to get this poison out of the body. Does it ever go away?

Thank you for your time,

Kind Regards,

Ana N , Miami, Florida


SEPTRIN: 25 February 2006

A number of years ago whilst on holiday in Spain I was perscribed Septrin for a stomach pain. I took Septrin and within two days one side of my face had come up red with spots.

I went to the doctor and he said stop the Septrin immediately.

Other than that and never using Septrin again I was fine, A specialst once mentioned that because Septrin had been a problem Yeast could also be a problem for me.


BACTRIM: 27 February 2006

Dear Brian,

I was prescribed BACTRIM recently for a UTI. I had taken bactrim previous to this and had experienced some fever, sore throat and red eyes, but was assured by my doctor that it was due to a viral infection.

Anyhow on this occasion that I took bactrim I was in no way shape or form ill. Except for the UTI, I felt fine. I took bactim early on a Saturday morning and immediately (within 2 hours) began to feel anxiety, nausea, and muscle/abdominal pain (severe). My eyes were BLOOD shot red and I had an extreme headache. When I noticed the redness in my eyes I knew I was having an allergic reaction. These were the same symptoms I had experienced before when I had taken bactim except they were intensified!

As the day progressed I experienced fever, violent vomiting, rash, joint pain, back pain, tremendous neck pain, gut wrenching stomach cramps, sore swollen throat, trouble breathing, a small blister type rash around the outside edge of my eyes and the worst headache I have ever had. I had trouble concentrating and felt confused. And I wish it ended there. The next day the fever and head ache continued along with the nausea and stiff neck.

I can not comprehend how one small pill could have such a horrible affect. One pill!

After reading your site and after experiencing what I have recently I have no doubt that Bactrim is what caused this.


Christina P.

BACTRIM: 27 February 2006

I was shocked to find your sight on Bactrim side effects..I shouldnt have been though. I also had a terrible experience.

My doctor prescribed it for a UTI last Thursday. I took it that day, no problems..the next day and the third day I experienced a complete feeling of being gravely ill..I came close to fainting..had severe stomach cramps, cold sweats and EVERY time I got into the car I got severe car sickness to the point of almost passing out. I turned a terrible yellow color with sweating and came close to vomiting. Why are they prescribing this terrible drug?

Liz W.


I was prescribed this medication for a UTI. I have never been allergic to any medications until this one. I have had asthma since i was a child, I'm 33 now. My asthma isn't real bad, I only use an inhaler as needed during excercise or dusty conditions. I did not realize until the third day that the medicine was making me sick. I thought I had a severe flu. My cough by the third day was painful and frequent, it felt as though I had pneumonia. I had no idea it was the medication, the side effects did not list flu like symptoms, although it did state difficulty breathing. by that evening of the 3rd day I called the advise line. I had high fever, chills, dry mouth, severe cough, and sore back. ( i have not as of yet experienced the rash on my skin ). I then found out that my mother was allergic to the same drug. My chest was tight, it felt as though I had a fifty pound weight strapped to my chest. On Sunday to my stupidity I took another pill, thinking it may have only been a coincidence, that I must just have the flu as well. I got so sick!!! I stayed in bed all day. I have never felt so sick in my whole life. I feel like I've been poisoned. I went back to the doctor on Monday, he said I should be fine as long as i stop taking the meds. I started to feel somewhat better Tuesday, that only lasted a short while. This is Wed early am and i feel so week. I can barely eat, sometimes i cough so bad i almost vomit. I am so thirsty, i feel like i can never quench my thirst. I also had a white film on my tongue. I guess i will have to back to the doctor today, and have them run some blood work. I am very scared of the possible long term effects of this awful drug. People need to be made aware of the risks before taking this medication (poison).

I still feel terrible today (wed) my weakness has subsided some, Ido feel a little better, but far from normal...cough is still about the same, also sinus congestion (where did that come from) One thing i seem to have noticed about all of the letters i have read is that the drug seems to act on something you already have trouble with, like my asthma, it seems to trouble things that already ale you. anyway i hope this is helpful. I didn't recall seeing anything here from other asthma patients.....this should never be prescribed to someone with asthma in my opinion.

Ty Alameda, CA


Dear Brian,

My 20 year old son was suffering from what seemed to be a UTI: frequent mildly painful urination. He went to the doctor and after giving them a urine sample the UTI was ruled out. They said they did find bacteria and he was prescribed Sulfamethoxazole/TMP DS T (septra). Ten minutes after taking the first (and only) tablet, he vomited. Five minutes later he vomited again. Then he began having violent bouts of diarrhea that continued over the next one and half hours. I checked the web to see if he was possibly having an allergic reaction to the drug. On your website I found case after case of similar stories. Thank you for posting these. I might have concluded he was ill from the infection and giving him another dose.

Leslie S.

SEPTRA: 4 March 2006

Brian Deer,

I have been fighting a UTI infection for the last two months without much success. I had been prescribed Septra before so I didn't think much of it when my doctor gave it two me a second time. However the first time I took it I almost immidiately felt sick with chills and fatigue, however I thought it might be the flu since I thought I had been fighting something off for the previous week, so I just went to bed early. However the next morning I woke up with the worst shoulder pain I had ever experienced and i could feel the muscles spasming. Unfortunately I hadn't made the connection to the septra yet and took another pill. The symptoms got worse and my left had started to get the pins and needles feeling, I also noticed a red rash on my body when I took a shower later that day, I immediately decided to stop the medication and called the pharmistist for advice. All she recommended was to stop the medication, which i had already done and consult my doctor, which of course was impossible on a friday afternoon. Its been 24hrs since then and the symptoms are still there, I don't feel as run down but the rash remains and the pain in my shoulder and numb hand still exist. I'm going to a clinic for advice but it seems that mostly I might just have to wait. Just wonder how long these symptoms might last after you stop the medication. I will hopefully update this letter later saying I recovered, but I will never take Septra again.

Geoff, Toronto, Canada

BACTRIM DS: 5 March 2006

Dear Brian,

I am the mother of a 15 yo disabled child. She was put on Bactrim in Dec. for MRSA Staph infection...which involved a polinidal cyst. She was fine with the meds. Last week March 1st...she was put back on Bactrim DS for reasons believeing she had not completely gotten rid of the staph. On Wed. nite I had given her a dose....on Thur. morning she woke with puffy face, read sunburnt looking cheeks...and a fever of around 100*....no appetite. That morning at 3 am...she was up and wired to the hilt. She usually isn't like that. Anyway....she layed around all day...watched tv and didn't start looking a bit better and eating a bit til around 3:00 pm.

I thought she had the stomach bug my son had 2 weeks earlier. Finally by that evening she began eating again, the next day she was better. Eating normally, a bit of flushing still, but she seemed fine. I called the pharmacy and the doctors....neither one said "maybe she had a reaction to the drug" I had originally bought her the suspension....that's what I had given her, thought they messed it up at the pharmacy and wouldn't give her any. I called the doc's and told them to give her the pill form...they called it in to a different pharmacy and when I picked it up yesterday, explained the prior symptoms....they were the one's to suggest she had a reaction. Needless to say, I am not giving her any of that medication at all, and calling the doc. tomorrow to change it. I shudder to think of all the emails I have read about these side effects from other's that have taken this medication, and to think it could have gotten worse if I had given her another dose of it. Thanks for having such and informative site.

Samantha F.

APO-SULFATRIM: 7 March 2006

Hi Brian

First of all, I want to say Thank you for your website.

I got a middle ear infection about 2 weeks ago and was told it was most probably viral and to wait it out. It persisted and then I was put on Apo-Sulfatrim. For the past 3 days that I have been taking it I have felt lightheaded, anxious, weak, itchy, and have been experiencing alarming chest pains.I have also had trouble getting a normal night's sleep. My lips are very itchy, as is the inside of my mouth. My eyes won't stop watering.

I doubt going to the doctor will help, and I think I will be told the same thing everyone is: it's not the medication.

I just wanted your advice on whether or not I should just stop taking it or stick it out. I have 4 days left, and my biggest fear is that the side-effects will get much worse.

Thanks again,


BACTRIM: 8 March 2006

Greetings Brian,

Two days ago my wife went to the doctors for Mastitis, a breast infection. The doctor prescribed Bactrim and assured my wife that it was okay to take while nursing. When my wife when to get the prescription filled, the pharmacist directed my wife to absolutely NOT take this drug while nursing.

I am thankful that we found your site and others that expose the true hidden side affects of Bactrim.

Kind regards,

Greg C.

BACTRIM: 8 March 2006

Dear Brian,

I was diagnosed with a UTI three days ago and was prescribed Bactrim 2x per day for 5 days by a physicians assistant. After taking the first dose, I started to get a headache and feel feverish. I thought that this may be due to the infection. That night, I woke up with horrendous watery diarrhea and vomiting. This is now my third day on the medication and I have been extremely nauseated, depressed, and fatigued, and I have not been able to get rid of the headache. In addition, I'm experiencing severe heartburn. I began searching the internet for information about the side effects of this medication and was surprised and dismayed by the frightening stories I have found here and at other sites. I had no idea about the risks that I was taking with this medication. I have never had any type of allergic reaction to a medication before. I have decided to stop taking the medication and I hope that I have not sustained any permanent injury. Thank you for making this information available to those of us who had no idea of how dangerous this drug can be.

Nora, Virginia

BACTRIM: 11 March 2006

Hi I have been reading your site and wow I'm so glad I came across all the others with the same symptoms. I was put on Bactrim DS..taking it twice a day for acne and it did its job in about 2 weeks..with no symptoms. After about 2 1/2 weeks I was waking up in the middle of the night with a pounding heart, nausea, chest tightness, dizziness, anxiety, etc. I actually went to the ER on the first episode. I thought I was having a heart attack. It only happens at night. I haven't slept without waking up my parents for about 2 weeks. Obviously I stopped taking it the night I went to the ER, but how long can these symptoms last?? I'm about to go crazy! Any thoughts or information you have would be helpful!! Thanks so much for the helpful site!

Alex C, Ohio

SMZ/TMP: 12 March 2006

his brian. i am a 42 year old white male living in the state of tennessee in the u.s.a. i just pulled up your website after i took my last smz/tmp double-str tablet for a boil i had on my neck. i have been experiencing skin itching,nightmares ,anxiety attacks,painand tingling in left arm, and welts on my body. i could not fugure out waht was going on but now that i read the side effects on your website i now know that it was caused by the smz/tmp anitbiotic i was prescribed. thank you so much for all the information.

Troy T

BACTRIM: 16 March 2006

I have a case of diverticulitus that at times, flares up and has to be treated with antibiotics. I have taken generic Bactrim in the past with seemingly no side effects. But this round of Bactrim has felt like it has nearly killed me. I had a prescription for 10 days, 2 x's a day, 500mg. I started taking it on Monday, March 6, 2006 and by Sunday, March 12, 2006 I felt I was dying. (And to tell the truth, dying would have been a blessing I was in so much pain.) I went to the doctor on Monday, March 13, 2006 with symptoms of pain in my left chest, my back, I could not get my breath, I was sweating profusely and was very weak. The pain was excruciating. The doctor ran the usual tests, chest x-rays, EKG, and blood work. I asked him at the time, could this be an allergic reaction to my antibiotic? He advised it was not. I have a lot of trust in my doctor as he has a great reputation of being a great diagnostician. After suffering for 3 more days I finally got up the stamina to go to the computer and check out the internet about Bactirm. That is when I found your web site and so many of the side effects were what I was experiencing! I hope that my symptoms will leave but at the moment, I feel they will last forever, especially the panic attacks. Thank you so much for the information that I will definitely pass this on to my doctor.

Michele P

BACTRIM DS: 16 Mar 2006


My name is Jackie Natali and I live in Streamwod, IL. On Monday March 6, 2006 I began taking Bactrim 2x a day for a UTI infection and hour after I took it and for the next three days I experienced dizziness, nausea and a lack of appetite. By the fourth day I developed a fever of 101.3 and a severe headache. After 3 days of the fever and headache I went to the hosptial because I had also recently (3weeks ago) had surgery and thinking it could be an infection wanted the fever checked out. The hospital told me that no infection at surgical site was noted and the fever and general not feeling well was probably just the UTI and continue the medication. By that night I had severe diarrhea still a high fever no appetite and general malaise. Next morning my fever spiked higher and I took my blood pressure it was 90/60. I normally have high blood pressure usually 150/90. I went to the Dr. who said it still sounds like the UTI just continue the meds for the remaining 2 days. By that night which is now day 8 I starting shaking uncontrollably my hands, feet, lips around my nose and even under my fingernails were turning blue. I was terrified, then my entire body starting to tingle and I got very hot and my whole body turned red. I immediately went to the ER I had trouble walking. I brought the bottle of Bactrim with me, and as soon as the Dr. saw it he said stop taking it immediately. I told him what had been happening all along and he said that those were signs that my body was being poisioned. They prescribed Benadryl and said if that didn't help I should come back. The recovery has been slow. The next two days it was an effort to walk, chew, swallow. My teeth even hurt. The rash is slowly disappearing, the fever is gone, but I still have diarrhea. It has now been three full days off the meds. Thank you for allowing me to tell my story. That drug should be banned or more warnings should be told about it. I'm one of the lucky ones, but if I continued for the last 2 days of treatment I might not have been.

Thank you.

Jackie N.


Dear Brian,

Thank you so much for your website. It contains so much pain and sorrow and yet gives so much hope to others. My heart goes out to all those who suffered much much more than I from this sulfa drug.

I was prescribed sulfamethoxazole for a UTI by a clinic nurse four days ago. Two hours after taking the first pill, my throat began to hurt and my eyes flet irritated. I felt exhausted so I lay down for a nap. When I woke up nearly hours later I had a low fever (101), and I could barely read the text I was preparing to teach the next day. When I looked in the bathroom mirror, I could see why: my eyes were totally inflamed - I have never seen eyes so red. My throat and mouth hurt more. I read the drug insert and immediately suspected the drug, but I wasn't sure, since it didn't mention inflamed eyes, and it talked about persistent fever and sore throat -- did 4 to 6 hours count? Reluctantly, I took a second pill that evening, and went to bed with chills and fever. In the morning the fever was down somewhat but my eyes and throat were still bad so I decided not to take another pill.

I fortunately had an appt with my doctor that morning for my yearly checkup, and when she heard and saw what I was experiencing she said I should stop taking the sulfamethoxazole because I might be having a reaction to it and she didn't want to take any chances -- she immediately gave me a presciption for Cipro and told me to take an antihistamine. She's a great doctor.

My eyes remained bad that day, but very slowly got better and by the next morning the inflammation was gone. My throat and mouth, on the other hand have got worse to the point that yesterday and today I could eat only soups and smoothies. Until I found your website I was worried that these symptoms were still persisting, and I was beginning to think that they might be something other than an allergic reaction. However, after reading some other postings about this symptom persisting for up to a week, I now have hope that they will clear up in a couple of days. I will write again to let you know how long it takes.

I am 63 years old and have never had an allergic reaction before. This is one drug I will never take again. Thank you again for this website.

Katherine K.

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