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  BACTRIM: 28 June 2006

I was prescribed bactrim for a urinary infection. Within a few hours I had violent reactions including uncontrollable shaking, itching and swelling of my hands and feet, sores in my mouth, nausea, and back and neck aches. In addition, the next day and for several days afterwards, I had severe pains in my legs which prevented me from standing or walking. I live in New York, and did not know this was caused by the bactrim until my husband discovered your website, and gave me some of the letters from your readers. I want to thank you, and your reader Tammy B, who had almost identical symptoms to mine, for saving my sanity by explaining these effects were from the medicine.

Joan S

BACTRIM: 6 July 2006


I came across your name researching the side effects of Bactrim. I have suffered all my life from nodular or cystic acne. I went on my 1rst treatment of Accutane in 1999 and went on my 2nd treatment of Accutane in 2002. Over the last year or so I started having outbreaks of nodular acne again.

About a month ago I developed 1-large nodular acne on my left neck about an inch or two below my left lymp node. My dermatologist drained the boil and prescibed me Bactrim 800 tablets. She advised me to take this pill twice a day. I developed many symptoms very similar to the ones I read on the testimonials that I found on the internet. I never had a rash but I experienced fatique, muscle and joint aches, and I even had a fever (with hot/cold chills) one night. It is also hard to explain but I also felt mentally "out of it" while I was on Bactrim as well. I just didn't like how it made my body feel.

But the most disturbing thing that has happened over the last 2-weeks has been my left lymph node. My left lymph node has become extremely enlarged and tender to the touch. I asked my dermatologist if the swollen lymph node was caused by the Bactrim and she said no.

I have had many nodular acne boils on my face and neck over the years and I have never experienced a swollen lymph node because of them. And then all of a sudden after taking the Bactrim for the first time and experiencing all of those symptoms, my left lymph node swells to an extremely large size.


Eban B, Tampa, FL

BACTRIM: 8 July 2006

Dear Brian,

My son, age 4 1/2 , was treated with bactrim last week for an infection he had in his chin. I informed the physician of my allergy to sulfa. I had only a mild rash in the past after taking Septra.. So we knew to stop the medication if I saw a rash on my son. So on the 6th day of taking the medication my son had a mild rash. I held the evening dose. In the morning he had a fever of 103 degrees and a rash on every part of his body including blood shot eyes. His ears and lips appeared swollen as well. The doctor knew right away it was erythma multiforme and he was prescribed prednisone for 5 days. The rash was painful & itchy for several days and he is now at day 4 and the rash has improved but persists. I found out a friend of mine was hospitalized for 2 weeks after taking the same drug, bactrim, when she was 4 years old. She had severe blisters and Stevens-Johnson syndrome. She had been given the full 10 days prescribed and almost died. Her scars are there to remind her of the blisters. I shudder to think what would have happened to my son after 10 days as was prescribed.

Shara L

BACTRIM: 9 July 2006

I took Bactrim several years ago for a UTI. I took the first pill and within 15 minutes had this prickly

feeling all over my body. Within a half hour I had broke out, not in hives, but a red rash all over my

body, even in the whites of my eyes, that looked like I had a severe sunburn. I began to vomit severely and

my joints ached terribly. My face swelled up almost unrecognizably. A few hours went by I called my doctor and told him that I thought my kidneys were shutting down or something. They had me come immediately to the office. He was shocked at what he saw. He totally believed that it was a reaction to the Bactrim. He said if I would not have come in and would have taken the 2nd pill I would have died! I told him the only reason I didn't take the second pill was because I was vomiting so bad I couldn't stand the thought of taking anything orally, including water to take that pill. He has since marked it in my file as extremely allergic to Bactrim and I will never take it again. He gave me shots of Cortisone to take down the swelling and counteract the reaction. I to this day still have joints that ache terribly at times and bouts of such extreme fatique that it is very hard for me to get to work and function. I am now 53, can't quite remember what year I took the Bactrim, but I think it was like 9-10 years ago.

BACTRIM: 9 July 2006

Dear Brian,

I didn't realize there were so many others that had reactions from this drug (Bactrim)

I was prescribed the drug Bactrim from my family Doctor for an infection I had caused by an abscess tooth, 800 mg twice a day since I am sensitive to drugs this was my Doctor's drug of choice to combat my infection. The side effects started the second day with light headedness, dizzy, aches, loss of appetite by the forth day I woke up with a temperature over 103.6 welts and hives from top to bottom of my body even the palm of my hands and the bottom of my feet were hurting swollen and bright red, My mouth and gums and throat were full of blisters I couldn't even brush my teeth.

I called my Doctor that morning went into her office she took one look at me and knew it was a drug reaction, She sent me to the Emergency Room at the Hospital, they took me in right away put an IV started treatment I was in emergency 5 hours I'm still under Doctors care, This drug should not be in the market.

I wanted to share my story

Brenda G, CA

SULFATRIM: 12 July 2006

Dear Brian, My best friend's Granddaughter just died this 4th of July due to taking "SULFATRIM" she broke out in a rash a short time after taking it...She brought the little girl back to the doctor's to let him know she got a rash from it .He then gave her some Zithromax to take and was pronounced dead that afternoon. He told her the week he gave her the sulfatrim that she had a urinary tract infection. when the rash broke out they said she had the flu and would just take time to take it's course. I cannot make any sense of this and feel for this family ,as I too am a Grandmother also...What do these parents do?? Are they going to take this deadly medicine off the market? This is my first day looking this up. They said she passed from a viral Mycarditis?.. Please respond to me at your own Convience ,as I know you must be a VERY busy Man.. I just can't make any sense out of this ..she was a healthy little girl.. Regards

Marie D, N.H

BACTRIM DS: 12 July 2006


I never had an allergic reaction to medicine until Bactrim DS.

As described in numerous previous emails, I woke up with a bright red rash after taking a generic form of Bactrim DS. I have to agree with a previous description, it was like I got a horrible sunburn and then rolled in poison ivy. My whole body except for bottom of feet and hands was affected.

The only thing I can add is it felt like burning from the inside out. I also took OTC benadryl to battle allergic reaction.

Interestingly enough, I found that my sister also had an allergic reaction to this drug.

Jane B, Columbus OH

SEPTRA: 15 July 2006

I was perscribed Spetra for a UTI. I have never had any health problems before nor any severe allergic reactions to drugs. I was given a 10 day dosage of Septra. On the seventh day, I noticed about four big red spots that kinda looked like bug bites. Since I garden and my daughter had similar bug bites, I assumed that was what it was. The next day I broke out in a rash and experienced body aches, low grade fever, and a headache. I wasn't sure what to think at this point. Was it possible I suffered an allergic reaction to my new laudry soap the same time I was getting the flu?? Seemed far fetched. The next day, my symptoms were the same, save the rash which was worse. I figured it had to be the medication but I was on my last three days of it. I mistakenly thought that if I was allergic, I would have experienced signs sooner. So, I looked online to see if Septra could be the reason. A pharmacist told me it more than likely was. I am kind of frustarted because the rash is only getting worse. It is as if the hives are expanding and huge areas of my arms, legs, and bottem, were covered in what appeared to be a sunburn. The rash is mildly itchy but burns terrible. Some of the hives are purplish. So, here I sit with a burning rash and mild fever. Nothing compared to what others have and are going through. I realize that. I am just angry that such a drug is given so freely. I know all drugs carry side effects but this is crazy. I have had a UTI before and was not given this drug. The sad thing is when I first looked this drug up online--when I first got it---it said it was the best thing for UTI's. And that was NOT by the drug manufacturer. It was not until I began a search for my symptoms and possible drug allergies that I came across your site. I am so glad I did. I only wish that other sites were more upfront about this. Thank you for this site. I will be more aware of what I or my family is prescribed in the future.

Quinn, Toledo, OH

BACTRIM: 15 July 2006

Brian. I'm grateful for your website on Bactrim. I thought I was losing my mind...after a long bought of chronic urinary retention I was lucky enough to recieve an Interstim Implant - which works. However, in the process, I have gotten repeated UTI's and just got off a 10 day "adventure" with Bactrim. I had all the usual and unusual side effects except for the rash. Lucked out there. The UTI is gone / and the lethargy from the Bactrim is just now going...5 days after stopping the drug.



BACTRIM: 15 July 2006

Dear Brian,

I am a 30 year old healthy male who went to the doctor for a minor staph infection which they put me on Bactrim to clear up. After the second day of treatment I started feeling spacey but contributed it to the infection, on day three I fell asleep three times at work could not concentrate and had muscle pains in one of my biceps. I decided to research the antibiotic and I couldn't believe the horror stories I read. I decided right there to discontinue the treatment and called my doctor which recommended I get some benadryll before starting an alternative treatment. I hope I got to it before I caused any permanent damage. Thank you for posting these stories, sometimes I feel like Doctors really don't know as much as they think.

Sean T

SEPTRIN: 16 July 2006

Hello thanks for your website! Back in 1994 I had repeated chest infections that culminated in pneumonia after having four other sorts of antibiotics over a 3 month period I was eventually prescribed Septrin which I duly took. It cured my pneumonia but within 6 weeks I was in agony. Mainly joint pain particularly the hands terrible flu like pain - muscle fatigue tremendous nausea kidney pain with 4+ proteinuria hallucinations headache mouth ulcers.I ceased to function. Over the last 12 years I have seen numerous doctors and rheumatologists as my symptoms improve for a while but then, if I pick up a cold I have a major flare up of my symptoms lasting for up to 3months at a time I am never entirely well. Lupus antibodies are negative. Recently I have developed an allergy to onions as well as alcohol which is, in fact, what has led me to your site. I continue to have kidney pain + proteinuria but my blood results show normal kidney function.

All of the cases on your website seem to indicate that once the drug is discontinued that you will improve, but my experience is otherwise but I am convinced that this is where my problem stemmed from.

Yours sincerely,

Michele C, Devon, UK

BACTRIM: 17 July 2006

Dear Brian,

Thank you for posting these personal experiences that people have had with this drug. It has been very insightful, and has made me realize that even though my ordeal was confusing and painful, I am very lucky to have not suffered fatal consequences. This is my experience‚€¶

I was prescribed SMZ/TMP (supposedly the generic Bactrim) as a precaution for a Mexico vacation - to protect me from dysentery. I have been to Mexico approx. 6 times - and only the last 3 times I have been having an adverse reaction to the Bactrim without me realizing that was the cause. The main reason I didn't realize the cause was because an hour before my plane left for the 1st trip that I had a reaction on - I folded back the seat in my car to load our luggage and accidentally punctured a hole in a can of mosquito repellent. The repellent sprayed directly in my eye, in my mouth and down my throat as I screamed. When I arrived in Mexico that night (after taking my first dose of Bactrim, of course) the right side of my face swelled and went numb, along with the entire inside of my mouth. The following week consisted of my mouth swelling, all of my gums and my tongue swelling to the point that it was very difficult to eat or talk. Then the inside of my mouth turned into a ton of sores - almost like severe canker sores (something I had never had in my life). After that, all the skin in my mouth and under my tongue started to die and fall off. Needless to say, the pain was excruciating. The whole time, I thought I was having a reaction to the mosquito repellent.

The second trip that I had a reaction on was unfortunately, my honeymoon. It was unbelievable to me, but the day that we arrived in Mexico, the exact same thing happened to my mouth - only this time it was slightly worse - the pain, the symptoms, everything. So, my only conclusion was that either I had gained an allergy to the food down there, or that my mouth was somehow reacting to the mild mosquito repellent I was putting on my skin during the trip. When I got home, I consulted a couple of doctors and they said they couldn't be sure, but it was probably a reaction to the mosquito repellent.

So, I just got back a couple of days ago from my 3rd excruciating trip to Mexico. I thought this time I was going to outsmart it - well, I didn't. I stayed away from the fruit and did not use any mosquito repellent and the same exact thing happened to my mouth. Only this time - the experience was even worse. My skin sloughed off the entire inside of my mouth, I had huge sores under my tongue and all the way down my throat. I couldn't swallow and trying to keep hydrated and fed was torture. I also started my period (or so I thought), which was strange because I was on birth control and had just ended my period the day we had arrived. I consulted a doctor at the hotel because I was in so much pain and he said it was a fungus growing in my mouth - unbelievable!!! Anyway, I finally got home and immediately went into my dermatologist to figure out what was happening - I am allergic to Sulfa. I luckily went to a doctor that had diagnosed Sulfa allergies in the past. My doctor knew the seriousness of it because a couple of his clients that he diagnosed with Sulfa allergies didn't take heed to his advise to stay away from anything that contained Sulfa and later died. After talking to the doctor, I realized that I didn't start my period at all - it was actually another side effect from the Bactrim caused by internal bleeding sores in my organs - resulting in vaginal bleeding. I have been in constant internal pain since I have been home - almost like there is a fire inside my chest and stomach. It has started to subside and I hope it will run its course and I won't have any future complications. But, if you know of anything I should be aware of, please let me know if you have a moment.

I think one of the scariest things about this drug is that my dermatologist told me you can take it 25 times and be fine, then on the 26th time, you could be allergic. Scary! Thanks for all the info!

DC, Utah, USA

BACTRIM: 18 July 2006


I am a healthy 39 year old female and I had problems with my right ear, my doctor said she seen fluid and wanted me to take to take bactrim so I got the prescription filled and they gave me the generic drug. The first day I took it I got hives, and a horrible headache I thought the hiveswere mosquito bites but my husband said it might be the medicine you just took. The second day I woke up and had acne (white bumps all around my nose and chin). As I continued to take the medicine (thinking that if thats all the side effects I was gonna get then I am okay. WRONG I woke up the third day and had a red rash all over my body. I went to the doctor with my husband (which is my doctor also) and told her about the reaction she said to stop taking the medicine and I did but of coursebut the rash it still here. I WANT IT GONE!!! It is so hard to sleep. I knew I was allergic to penicillan but not this.

Thanks for the website.

Tina L, Columbus OH

SEPTRAN FORTE: 22 July 2006

Dear Friends, I was prescribed Septran Forte, which is Bactrim Double Strength, for a mild urinary tract infection, about 1 week ago. I had told the doctor i am allergic to Bactrim, as I got a head-to-toe rash within a day after taking bactrim 20 years ago in college. Apparently the doctor did not check and see that is is the same drug sold under a different name....

After beginning the course I became increasingly nervous and my heart was racing like i had taken stimulants (far too many stimulants).... I was sweating profusely and smelled very bad because of this over-revving of my metabolism. After 4 days, (8 pills) I told the doctor I'm having an allergic reaction to these antibiotics but he said that's not likely, i probably have the flu or it is the urinary infection raging. He told me to keep taking the pill but i stopped because i knew it was the pills, although i still had not made the connection between septran and bactrim. I developed a high fever that day which lasted 3 days (104 degress, and I am 41 years old). Also I experienced the most severe pain in my back i have ever felt in my life. I was literally writhing in the bed in a pool of boiling sweat for 3 days, with my head so painful i thought it would explode, especially behind the eyes. The fever finally broke, my headache has lessened, but now, 8 days after begining the sulfa and 4 days after quitting, I have problems walking...my legs are so weak and I have no balance. I have fallen down twice (I am a yoga teacher and ex-gymnast so this is NOT normal). I have completely impaired muscular coordination and very bad memory loss. I cannot remember things that happened 10 minutes ago. I cannot think clearly. After my fever broke i searched the net and found that i was taking a double strength dose of the only drug in the world that i am allergic to! Today I have developed a red burning blister on my lip. My eyes burn horribly. I am stranded in a foreign country with 2 children and no way to make money to live but to give yoga lessons and massages, which i cannot do right now. Anyway, I talked to the very wonderful Gary of GarrySun.com in Nevada. He carries ayurvedic medicines, all-natural non-toxic. He asked his consultant, an ayurvedic physician in India what to do and here is the reply:

I just got the opinion and advise from DR Rajesh Kotecha Ayurvedic MD and stated:-

" Yograj Gugglu will not help. Ask her start initially Ashwagandha, triphala and Dashmoola in the dose of one tea spoon twice a day as she has in stock for some relief till she receives the followings for ultimate recovery:-

1. Samshamani tablets to be taken in the dose of 2 tabs twice a day

2. Laghu sutesekhar capsules to be taken in the dose of 2 caps 2 times a day.

3. Herbal compound made with the herbs of Guduchi, Gokshure, Amalaki to be taken in the dose of one tea spoon twice a day"

The doctor said to take ashwagandha, triphala and dashmoola because I happen to have those herbs on hand. But the real stuff which will remove the sulfur toxins from the body (because they accumulate in the body and don't pass out, which is why we can suffer for so long with these side effects) are the medicines (herbs) listed in numbers 1, 2, and 3. Please, if you are suffering from side effects of bactrim, contact Gary at 775 826 6004 or through his website garrysun.com and ask him to send you the Samshamani tablets, the Laghu Sutesekhar capsules and the herbal mixture of Guduchi, Gokshure, and Amalaki. (You put the spoon of herbs into hot water, and drink like a tea).

I have not received my herbs yet because i am, unfortunately, living on a remote peninsula of Costa Rica. But I have full faith they will help, as ayurvedic medicine has never failed me in the past, and the only reason i went to an allopathic doctor here is because i am travelling and there are no alternative doctors here in Malpais, C.R.

If anyone is thinking of starting a lawsuit against this company I am with you full throttle and let's all pray our damage will not be permanent. I also have read that Vit. B6, Vit. C, and baking soda taken in water immediately after adding will help remove sulfur from the body.

Julie H

TRIMETH-SULFA: 25 July 2006

In January, 2005, my urologist prescribed trimeth-sulfa for my UTI. After just two doses, I began suffering nausea, loss of appetite, fatigue, muscular weakness, severe abdominal pain and decreased kidney function. My urologist was away for the weekend during all this, and all that the physician who was his surrogate could say was to stop taking the med. I'm back to normal good health now. Thanks to you and your website, I was able to discover what was making me ill, and I now inform all my medical service providers of this information.


BACTRIM: 26 July 2006

Hi Brian,

My 74 yr old mother recenlty had a reaction to Bactrim. Mainly fever, chills, joint pain and fatique. After stopping the drug all her symptoms have gone away except severe fatigue. Her blood work indicates that she is not anemic yet she spends most of her time in bed. If she goes for a short walk or does some housework she gets very fatiqued and has to rest.

She was a very active woman for her age prior to this.

Thank you.

Wendy F

TRIMETHOPRIM: 30 July 2006

Dear Brian:

After being treated for a suspected UTI, I was put on 6 weeks of Trimethroprim (400 mg per day alone, without any other a/b). Initially I felt my symptoms ( shakiness, loss of appetite, nausea, anaemia-type weakness , abdominal pains) were part and parcel of post-op recovery. Thanks God I found your web-site. I realised others had suffered similarly. After 2 weeks I got them stopped. That was 3 days ago, and I feel normal again now.

My question is whether this a/b alone is considered as serious as Bactrim, and if so, why is it still being diagnosed so widely and with such little warning?

Even if it turns out not to be part of the more sinister collection your expose uncovered, I m glad I found your work, since I was clearly having a bad reaction to it!

Many thanks keep up the good work!

David P

BACTRIM: 4 August 2006

I have just finished 10 days of Bactrim for a post op infection. My hands have been numb and excruciatingly painful. The same thing happened when I took Cipro followed by Bactrim in January for a UTI. The first time my hands were merely numb and I didn't make the connection. This time the pain is unbearable and I am trying to figure out what's going on. It sounds like arthritis or carpal tunnel, but do you think it could be the Bactrim? It's too coincidental.

I appreciate your time very much. Thanks.

Jan M

SEPTRA DS: 14 August 2006

Hello Brian,

I was prescribed Septra DS tablets for a middle ear infection. The day I began the dosage (Sunday) I took the grehound bus home from Tallahassee to Detroit, a 23 hour trip. So when I started experiencing pain in my tongue and throat I thought maybe I had caught a nasty germ. But I also experienced itching and burning around and on the lips. The irritation is not as bad now and I have continued the medication but my tongue is beginning to swell and I'm experiencing more pain in my tongue and throat. I didn't bit my tongue and have never had this problem until the day I began the medicaiton. It's becoming increasingly painful for me to swallow, eat and even drink. Could this be an allergic reaction to the medication? My doctor is in Florida and i'm in michigan for another seven days. What should I do?

Latina M B

BACTRIM: 15 August 2006


I had no idea what SJS or TEN was until my mother became sick, and died last week.

I don't understand why she had to die such a horrible death if the medical society has been so aware of SJS/TEN for years. How could they have failed to diagnose her early on and offer treatment. There are far too many people getting this, and the more death certificates list renal failure, resperatory failure etc, rather than SJS or TEN we will never have the stats available to make a difference.

My mother suffered terribly and beyond words.


BACTRIM: 16 August 2006

I am a Physician Assistant for 13 years in New York City. I have been prescribing Bactrim/Septra for many, many years NOT realizing the horrible side effects until this week. I had a cyst on my leg and was put on Bactrim DS. I took only 2 doses and developed side effects. They included: SUDDEN ONSET of muscle/joint aches and pains, SEVERE headache, panic/anxiety attacks, flu- like symptoms, nausea, high fever, severe weakeness and lethargy, nausea and slight skin rash...I was stunned, upset and agitated and most of all GUILTY..GUILTY that i put so many patients on this poisonous drug and will definately take them off and switch them to another class of antibiotics...BEWARE OUT THERE !!!!! SAY NO TO SULFUR DRUGS...unless your taking homeopathics..then its OK !!!

Michael F.

BACTRIM: 23 August 2006

I was given Bactrim about 2 1/2 months ago for a presumed UTI. The results of my urine test were negative for any infection, but the doctor told me to take it anyway, just in case! After the second dose, I woke up with all of my muscles cramping & tensing.....when I say all, I do mean all.....from my neck down to my calves, & on both sides of my body. Needless to say, I stopped taking them immediately, but continue to have off and on muscle weakness, tingling, & fatigue. I have since gone through severaI exams & tests, all coming back negative for other possible problems. I can only hope the symptoms subside with time, since the doctors seem to have no clue what is going on with me. They have all said, "I doubt it could be from the Bactrim after this long"

All I know is, I felt fine before taking it!......other than symptoms of a UTI.....by the way, it did get rid of those symptoms.

I now know not to take BACTRIM!


BACTRIM: 1 September 2006


It is now about 6 weeks since the beginning of this nightmare reaction from Bactrim. A week into taking the drug, I experience diarrhea and I took myself off...but the reaction continued in the form of hemorrhoids, body rash and then ankle, elbow and chest ache.

A trip to the emergency room, in addition to an internist, and then a doctor of naturopathy...all the symptoms have returned. I think some solutions to ridding the body of this poison would be gratefully received by all....Is there such a thing? Thanks for listening

Kathleen W.

APO SULFATRIM: 2 September 2006

Thank you, Brian Deer.

On Monday I was diagnosed with UTI in ER and was given a prescription for APO SULFATRIM. I was to take a couple of tablets twice a day for 7 days. Day One, I couldn't eat without feeling sick, but managed to finish one small meal, but the worst part was at night when I had the first panic attacks in my life, and they kept in a constant state of fear all night. Day Two, it was even harder to eat, I couldn't force myself to eat half as much as the day before. My face became very emaciated, I felt weak, dizzy, couldn't think straight and my right eye became slightly blurry; and the panic attacks continued.

Day Three, when I tried to eat a few baby carrots I felt like vomiting. 3oranges is all I could eat that day. Today is Day Four and I've already taken the morning dose bringing my pill intake to 14 of the 28 pills and it will go no farther because I've since found this website and read the emails. I wish I'd found it much, much earlier because after you've started taking them it's kind of a dilemma: I don't want these side-effects and fear permanent damage, but if I stop early will the UTI return? Then there's antibiotic resistance. I went to the ER again but the doctor brushed off my concerns and sent me back home with the advice to continue my medication. However, I've had enough of this hell, no more sulfatrim for me. Without the support of these emails I know I'd probably have toughed it out all 7 days and hurt myself even more. I've just skipped my dose, hopefully the panic attacks, dizziness, loss of appetite, etc will go away soon - I will let you know. For now I'm going to drink lots of water and take cranberry capsules.

David, Toronto, Canada.

BACTRIM: 4 September 2006

My 19 year old daughter took Bactrim to help cure a tenacious bladder infection. She was halfway through her 14 day course of pills when our family went on a vacation to Russia. While in Moscow she began to have itchy skin - scalp first, then a raised red rash traveled down her torso, arms and legs. It got worse when she took tours outside in the sun. It seemed to come and go, but get progressively worse. Our attempts to help her with Cortisone cream and Benadryl (an antihistamine) were limited in effectiveness. By the time we reached. St. Petersburg we figured out it was the antibiotic that was causing this and she was admitted to a local hospital for steroid therapy. Unfortunately the Russian doctors gave her short-acting steroid - over the course of two visits on two separate days, before (on the morning we were supposed to fly home ) she began to feel a tightening in her throat. This time a third Russian Dr. gave her an intra-muscular shot of a powerful steroid plus a course of pills that halted the allergic reaction and allowed us to fly home. Since then her stomach has been bothering her, and after reading your web site I have to wonder if it's due to the Bactrim. It's frightening to learn that this drug is responsible for so many varied and debilitating side effects.

Diana C, Nebraska, USA.

SEPTRIN: 8 September 2006

hi brian you are nothing but a mesiah.i and alot of people here in africa have surfferd a lot from problems created by septrin without knowing.i av read a lot about sulfa on your site.the last time i used bactrim was 3months ago but i still have light fevers most times at night. my abdominal regione and my lower back feels so hot every night,and some days i still feel weak and sleepy like i have not slept in days even when i just woke up,i had a lot of other symptoms before but now iam left with this,please and please can you or somebody get in touch with me at my email address bigkay662000@yahoo.com i want to know what i can do to make all this go and i really want to know more about this so i can talk to the press and people in government here in nigeria whom i am well connected with thanks

kay lagos nigeria.

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