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  SEPTRA: 23 April 2008


I stopped taking generic bactrim for a sinus infection 10 days ago. The day after I started the antibiotic I developed cold sweats and an elevated heart rate. My heart rate now runs anywhere from 90-130 w/ light activity. Even after my sinus infection cleared I couldn't go to work for 3 more days due to my cold sweats and heart palpitations. I finally contacted my Dr. again and she said that although it is rare (which I am now finding out is not the case), I could be having an allergic reaction to Bactrim. I took Benadryl for 4 days but it has not helped much. I am now awaiting the results from a 24hr heart monitor and am seeing a cardiologist next wk.

I am just wondering if I will be back to normal soon. I can not even do my normal routines at this point without sweating and getting over-exerted. Thank you for your website, it is good to know that I am not alone. I wish Dr's around the world would check into this problem more and stop prescribing Bactrim. I have already warned my friends and family of these dangerous side effects.

Leslie, Missouri


this med has now affected my life. after taking this medication for 8 days my lips swelled up with sores outside of my lips, my body was red and hot (flushed) and it swelled up. I am 55 years old and have never been allergic to any medication. I had to take steroids for over 20 days to combat the side effects. now after being off steroids and what I thought was back to normal -- last night I had a sip of wine and this morning my body is red and flushed again. I took a sip with caution last night wondering if now my body would react to the sulfur and it did. why is this drug on the market? I don't get it that they can market a drug that can cause people these kinds of problems. I heard I won't be able to go in the sun either but I guess when we vacation next month I'll find out


SMZ/TMP DS: 5 May 2008

After taking several prescribed pills of Cefuroxime my doctor told me that they weren't strong enough to fight my sinus infection so he prescribed Septra for 2x15 days. I felt the symptoms of headaches, heavy feeling in my head hard to breathe through my nose, sleeplessness and not sleeping long and scariest of all, the anxiousness and irregular heart rhythm. I believe that if a drug can relieve us of a serious illness (without killing us) usually the side effects as the ones that accompany this drug are worth it. But unfortunately when not knowing these side effects we tend to experience unnecessary feelings if only we were informed prior by the doctor what we may experience with a particular drug. Although I have had more than one sinus infection in my life, to this day I have no idea why I get them or how to prevent them. At 55 years old I certainly for healths sake want to do this every year.

Frank C.

SMZ/TMP DS 800-160: 8 May 2008

Hi Bryan

My name is Beryl and I have also had a bad experience with this drug I was prescribed the above in January 2008 but luckily the UCI infection had cleared itself, however, unfortunately it did returned last week so I began the course on Sunday I started to feel unwell but I just thought it was the infection. I was weak, nauseous, anxious, my Limbs started to shake, I was so cold although the temperature was in the 80's I had a throw wrapped around me socks & dressing gown on!! and I lost my appetite completely. Tuesday I had arranged with my sister-in-law to go to the mall, I didn't want to go but I didn't want to let her down so I went, reluctantly and - I was so ill while there, I nearly collapsed and she had to get me home, by then I just knew something else was going on here, so I decided to go on line and check out this drug, and there lo and behold was page after page of the identical symptoms I had been experiencing. I cannot believe that this drug that has been all but banned in the UK is still being freely prescribed here in the USA. I actually printed off your homepage and my husband has passed it onto our medical centre for comment, I am not hopeful of any reply! I am slowly today feeling slightly improved but I still feel weak tired & nauseous. All I can say is THANK GOD I went on line and found your web site Thank you!! I wonder what would have happened if I would have carried on taking them.

Beryl B, Largo Florida/Nottingham UK

SMZ/TMP DS: 12 May 2008

I m doing research on this medication after being a doctor prescribed it for my urinary tract infection. The experience of the side effects were excruciatingly painful, and I hope no one has to endure the severe leg cramping I had just hours after taking the medication. I m 38 years old and a very healthy woman. I normally have no issues with my body except for urinary tract infections after sexual intercourse.

An hour or two after taking the pill with a full glass of water, I vomited, and had to leave work because of the nausea and flu-like symptoms. By the time I got home, I had severe leg cramps in every muscle from my thighs to my ankles. I could not stretch to relieve the pain. I couldn t stand because the pressure caused the muscles to cramp even worse. I couldn t lay on the bed without screaming in agony, because even touching my legs or any pressure on them caused constant cramping, almost a contraction type muscle cramp. The pain would decrease slightly for a few seconds, and then become intense again.

Another side effect, which lasts for days after I stopped taking the medication is a hot/cold tingling sensation in my hands while sleeping at night. It started the first night after taking the medication and has continued for a week.

I get urinary tract infections frequently, and forgot that last year when I had one, I was give this medication and had the same exact symptoms. The reason I forgot is I took the medication for days and dealt with the severe muscle cramps, because I thought it was part of the infection. When I finally called the Doctor, he told me I was having a severe allergic reaction from the medication. I guess I keep associated the symptoms with the urinary tract infection, but this time I will never forget the name of this medication. No one should have to ever endure the kind of agony I went through. This drug needs to be evaluated.

Please add this comment to your blog. The more people who tell their story, the more the drug, hopefully someone will listen.

Lisa S.

SEPTRIN: 15 May 2008

Hi I am writing on behalf of my daughter. She is now 28 but when she was a few months old she started having urinary tract infections and suffered a convulsion. These infections were due to her having a duplex kidney but we were not told this for 12 months. She was prescribe Septrin and was on double dosage paediatric septrin for three years though at one stage she was give double dosage adult septrin by mistake however we discorvered this very quickly and stopped the dosage till it was corrected. We were told that it was not a problem as you cant overdose on anti biotics.

The reason that I am contacting you is that my daughter has now been diagnosed with Aspergers syndrome and is receiving treatment from the local mental health authority and has in fact been sectioned for her own safety. I am wondering whether there has been any link to mental health problems in later life from using seatrain as a child. She clearly exhibits some of the symptoms of aspergers, but they have only become severe enough to cause problems lately.

Please let me know if you think that there is any connection or indeed if any one else has had similar problems.

Many thanks



I just started taking this generic Bactrim replacement, my second dose for the day was about an hour ago. My scalp, face, and lips especially itch like no one's business, and i've been sneezing since my first dose.

I'm taking this for a kidney infection, which started as a bladder infection, so discontinuing this isn't an option. I was considering ordering this prescription online to avoid the hassle of going to the doctor for every UTI, but considering the itchiness and sneezing, I think i'll just up my cranberry juice intake.

Kellie A.

BACTRIM: 9 June 2008

My father in law was prescribed Bactrim DS on May 28th of this year; on the 5th day of taking the antibiotic he died with uncontrollable bleeding from his nose. Please help me have this drug withdrawn before other fatalities. If there are no pending lawsuits there should be.

Tammy, Birmingham, Alabama

APO SULFATRIM DS: 10 June 2008

I am prone to Urinary Tract Infections and was constantly being perscribed Sulfatrim and expirenced no side effects at all (I must have taken it 4 or 5 seperate times at this point). In October I had another UTI and took only one Sulfatrim tablet. Within a day my lips had swollen 3 times their normal size, feeling extremely numb. The inside of my bottom and upper lip were completely lined with cancker sores from end to end. Half of my tongue was covered in small, painful blisters.

It was the most uncomfortable and painful experience of my life. I couldn't eat, I could barely talk and it lasted for almost 2 weeks.

When I went to the hospital they told me it had nothing to do with the Sulfatrim and that I had contracted 'Mouth, Hand, Foot' disease. They told me they couldn't put me on any medication to help ease the pain, I would just have to wait for it to take its course.

Two days ago I got yet another UTI and took 1 and a 1/2 Sulfattim pills and the exact same reaction has began. My lips are extremely swollen and I can see canker sores beginning to develop on the bottom lip. The tip of my tongue is also covered in tiny bumps that don't hurt currently, but will by tomorrow will become painful blisters.

I can't believe that it WAS the Sulfatrim that was the cause of the breakout last time and I feel so stupid that I've done it to myself yet again. I truly hope this review helps or stops someone from using this drug. It's side effects are unpredictable and awful.


BACTRIM: 10 June 2008

Dear Brian

I have read some of the responses to your site about sulfa drugs. My allergic reaction to Bactrim was so horrible I wonder if it has done anything internally to me. I m sorry to say that I was prescribed the drug after naming other drugs that I knew I was allergic to. I had an identical experience about 15 years ago after taking Legatrim for nervous legs. That experience convinced me that I was allergic to quinine which I was suspicious of anyway. The chills are so horrific you can t get up and call for help. Then the horrendous itching was a nightmare. The first time this happened with the quinine I went grocery shopping alone 5 weeks later and had to leave the store because of fatigue. This time also fatigue is a real after affect. I m so curious about internal factors that were never addressed in the emergency room the next day. It s hard to believe that I wasn t near death. I m 68 years old and tired.

The emergency room doctor prescribed another antibiotic. Sure! I m going to put another drug in my mouth! Not!

Thanks for what you do.

Laura Sprague

BACTRIM/SEPTRA: 10 June 2008

I read your article on Bactrim and ultimately it caused me to stop giving my son the medication before waiting to hear back from doctors to do so. He still had an extreme allergic reaction and was hospitalized in the PICU (he's only 1.5 years old) for over a week with life threatening hypotension, liver failure, anaphalxsys, and that horrible rash. He was only on the medication for two days and it still almost killed him.

Just as a side note, another side effect that my son has that I haven't seen mentioned anywhere else is the rash turning into Post-Inflammatory Hyperpigmentation and skin peeling.

This stuff is extremely dangerous and everyone should be warned before taking it. Our doctor actually told us it would be less toxic than the Vancomycin he was taking previously.

Anyway, thank you for the informative article. I agree with some of the others that have responded to you that this pharmaceutical company should be sued.

Rob Kunz

BACTRIM DS: 12 June 2008

Hello Brian,

I came across your site when I was looking up side effects of Bactrim DS. I am a 19 year old Female who has had a UTI since June 2007. The doctors kept prescribing me Cipro 1000mg for two weeks every time I went to complain about the pain. Obivously the Cipro wasn't helping... So I have been hospitalized 3 times for the same thing... a UTI. I have had major Kidney pain associated with the UTI as well. I was recently hospitalized, June 5th 2008 because I went to the ER complaining of the same thing and I refused to let them send me home with another prescription of Cipro! So I wound up staying at the hospital until June 9th and they pumped me with IV antibiodics. The antibiodics they gave me through the IV made the infection go away within 24hrs! They were amazing! They made me feel amazing too! I thought I would be okay to go home.

They sent me home with a prescription for Bactrim DS. I thought it would be the same type of drug they gave me through the IV. I was happy they were sending me home with that because I was planning on leaving for vacation on june 13th and wanted to be somewhat better. ABSOLUTELY NOT WHAT HAPPENED! I started taking Bactrim and I began having frequent anxiety spells that would drive me crazy. I didn't know what was happening to me and it was really starting to scare me. I told my boyfriend and he really didn't believe me. It started effecting our relationship. I would freak out on him and start a fight or scream at him on a whim. I honestly felt like I was bi-polar. He was freaked out and he thought I was just being that way all of a sudden, not from Bactrim. I've never felt more nervous/anxious while not taking Bactrim. I would wake up in the middle of the night with shortness of breath and my heart skipping beats. I was hungry like normal, but when I would go to eat I would only have a few bites and that's it. Any more and I would want to vomit. I have lost 11 lbs on Bactrim but losing the weight is not worth feeling like you don't even know yourself.

I would not recommend this drug to anyone anywhere. Something needs to be done about this drug. It def. is not healthy for anyone who is taking it. I would of rathered spent the rest of my life with a painful UTI then ever take that drug again.

Leanna, Chicago, IL

BACTRIM: 16 July 2008

Add me to the list of people with very bad experience with Bactrim. I was a healthy 30-something female and going to Cancun for the first time. I just happened to be at my doctors for a check up and mentioned my trip. He wrote me an RX for 7 days of Bactrim so I would not get sick. This was PREVENTIVE! How hilarious is that?

I started taking the Bactrim on Sat. the day I left for Cancun. On Monday I was swimming in the ocean and I became weak and a wave knocked me down and I could not get up and I was rolling around on the beach and wave after wave was hitting me and filled my swimsuit bottom with sand b/c I could not get up and my friend on the beach came to help me get up because I was about to drown. I had sudden and severe stomach distress and made my way to the Restroom with a full load of sand in the crotch lining. Picture that very Funny! I did not feel great all week but kept on doing the tourist things. I did not drink alcohol of any kind so I figured it was the food and water making me feel yucky. On Thursday I went to a Pirates Night dinner & show and I felt like a stick in the mud a real drag but I didn t know why (homesick maybe?) But I was taking my Preventive Bactrim at regular intervals every day.

Then on the last day in Cancun (day 7) I took my last medicine It was time to leave and fly home and I was so sick I was begging my friends to please take me to a Mexican hospital. They refused for fear I would die there. I had a headache so bad I could not stand it, eye were very sensitive to light, high fever (102-103), rash from head to toe that had run together so I looked bad sunburned and I was not sunburned b/c I had worn sunscreen everyday, Vomiting and Diarrhea. Lucky for me I was with two nurses and they had Lomatil, Benedryl and Tylonol and a thermometer. I remember sitting at the un-airconditioned Cancun airport on the floor due to construction and I felt like throwing up so I rushed to restroom but there was a line of women so I puked in the sink. Got on the airplane and asked for Braf-bag. Got home, went to bed thinking now that I m back in the USA, I will get well. Sunday morning my head hurt so bad, I could not sit up My boyfriend took me to Emergency Room and they did not know what was wrong. I was in hospital about 5 days running fever, vomiting, diarrheaing (is that a word?) They ran all sorts of tests and they were about to do a spinal tap and the doctor who prescribed the Bactrim was tending to me and finally said maybe it is drug reaction duh! I am now 50 years old so it has been 20 years and I still remember it very well. I make sure ALLERGIC TO SULFA DRUGS is in all my records. My daughter is allergic too. Thank God I recognized the signs before she took it for 7 days. That some bad medicine!!


SEPTRA: 24 July 2008

I was researching some things online when I found your site. This is what happened to me...

A few weeks ago I got what I thought to be a UTI. So I went to my doctor and was prescribed Septra for 7 days. On the very last day of taking the pill I noticed I was starting to get a rash on my chest, the next day it had spread everywhere and I went to my doctor again. She said it looked like hives and that I was probably allergic to Sulfa. I was very mad that it happened on the very last day of my prescription and that I had to go through a whole other 7 days of suffering with another prescription of Prednisone to get rid of the rash. I've been taking Prednisone for a couple days now and I can't sleep at all, my itching is horrible and all that its done is make the redness a little less apparent. I don't think it was right of my doctor to prescribe such a high dosage of Septra without knowing I had an allergy to the main ingredient in it, Sulfa. I hope that the Prednisone's side effects will go down a little and that my hives will go away. Thank you for making this site so that I can see I'm not the only one out there who thinks Septra is a deadly "medicine".


BACTRIM: 26 July 2008

On Monday, July 21, I was diagnosed as having a UTI and was given Cipro. Felt worse that night, but in the morning I felt great - cleaned my house, ran errands, etc. I had a standing appointment with my doctor on Wednesday, July 23, to discuss my cholesterol. At that time, the doctor said that the bacteria in my urine culture was resistant to Cipro, and I needed to be switched to Bactrim. I took my first pill at 3:00. By eight o'clock, I was the sickest I had ever been in my 55 years - terrible chills, fever, some back pain, mindnumbing weakness, loss of appetite, and, bizarrely, redness in the whites of my eyes. I called the doctor and wondered whether I could be having an allergic reaction and was told that I probably was developing a kidney infection and was sent to the hospital. On arrival, my blood pressure was 175 over 114. They drew several tubes of blood and put me on IV fluids which made me feel better. Then the ER doc came in and said that the reason I was so sick was that I had been on the Cipro rather than on the Bactim from the start, and that my infection had probably gotten worse. I again posed the questiong of the Bactrim, which they didn't think was the issue. Their diagnosis made sense, so they gave me another Bactrim and was kept overnight. I developed a severe headache which no one seemed too concerned about- gave me Tylenol, which didn't really touch it. At one point the tech noticed that my heart was beating quite rapidly; later on in the night, my blood pressure was very low. Still had the headache. By morning, I was feeling a little better (hadn't had any morning meds) so they sent me home and told me to continue on the Bactrim for two weeks. Upon standing, I realized that my legs were achy. Got home and realized I hadn't had my morning dose of Bactrim yet so I took it, and within a few hours, my fever, chills, fatigue, splitting headache, red eye, etc. came back. I developed a rash on the lower parts of my legs as well as leg pains and restlessness. When my doctor heard about my rash, he took me off the Bactrim. By the next day, I no longer had a fever, my eyes had become normal, and now, two days after, I am getting my appetite back as well as a little energy. I have been reading your site and can't for the life of me believe that this drug is so commonly prescribed here in New York. I am seeing my doctor again on Monday and will discuss my concerns with him. I'm truly grateful to be alive but angry that I had to go through this.

BACTRIM: 29 July 2008


Your website helped me know that I was not dying or crazy when I was prescribed to Bactrim. I went to an Urgent care facility to treat a UTI. I have had them in the past and figured it would be a quick fix. The prescribed Bactrim twice per day for 7 days. After the first day I developed a sore throat. After the second day my body began to ache a bit. After the third day, I almost collapased from faintness. I stopped taking the medication because of how it was making me feel and since I saw NUMEROUS online complaints (like this site) on how awful the medication was. I though I would feel better after stopping the medication but it only got worse. That is when I delevoped a fever with severe flu like symptoms and also vaginal sores. I was confined to my bed for two days and this was two days after I stopped the medication. After day three of no medication I began to feel better. Today (day 5 of no medication) I went to see my PCP( which is an internal medicine doctor who I should have just went to to begin with). He said I would be fine and I am allergic to Sulpha drugs. He also stated that mosts UTI's clear after three days of treatment. In addition he stated that most women have resistance and reactions to Bactrim and that Cipro would have been a better choice. Although Bactrim is alot cheaper than Cipro. I would NEVER recommend Bactrim to anyone!!! I thought I was dying!



BACTRIM: 29 July 2008

I saw your page about Bactrim and felt compelled to write to you & share my experience. Bactrim is toxic and needs to be taken off the market.

Its been a day and a half since i have been off it & still feel as if I have been poisoned, and although the side effects have worn off considerably since i stopped taking it, i still feel really horrible. Weak, tired, dizzy, confused, nausous, thirsty, and no appetite. i hope it wears off soon. i was in feeble health before this all started, now im scared i wont be able to bounce back.

Sarah G


BACTRIM DS: 1 August 2008

One week ago I started with symptoms of UTI. The doctor gave me a prescription for Bactrim DS to take twice a day for a week. After the first two doses my fever went up to 103.6. The fever broke the next day and I was feeling better but so tired and nauseated. I have had a mild fever a few days this week but this afternoon it is 100.2 and my legs ache and I"m so tired and even my neck hurts and also having some headaches. Could I be having an allergic reaction to this medication? I'm going to stop it now and call my doctor on Monday.

Thank you,

Karen W


Dear Brian,

I was prescribed sulfamethoxazole for a bladder infection. After two tablets, I had severe nausea and was unable to keep food or water down for almost two days. I stopped taking the medication, but could not eat normally for about three weeks afterwards. I have now recovered, but feel that my system is not what it once was. Have you received any information from people who have recovered from severe side effects of sulfamethoxazole? I wonder if there are remedies people have found that can help the body heal from whatever it was that the sulfamethoxazole did to it. If you have any information on this I would be grateful.



SEPTRA: 5 August 2008

I was given Septra for a spider bite that turned into a staph infection. The nurse said it would be fine for me to go camping, just put sunscreen on. I went camping, & stayed out of the sun for the majority of the time. Saturday night my skin was on fire. This was July 12, 2008. I have been to the doctor numerous times, she told me I had to keep taking the septra, & actually had me on a double dose. I had to take them for 21 days. I am in excruciating pain, I believe I have nerve damage. My entire body is sore, & tingly. I can't even feel when I have to use the bathroom. I have to just go sit on it every couple of hours. I have lost over 15 lbs in 3 wks, & my doctor keeps telling me it is in my head, that I am fine. She keeps telling me I need to see a psychiatrist. Thankfully, she finally referred me to a neurologist, & I have an appt to see him tomorrow. I cry a lot, I have missed a LOT of work, & I am working part time now, just to make some kind of money. I don't know how I will be able to make my mortgage pmt this month due to all the money I have spent going to the doctor (co-pays), prescriptions, & missing work. Oh, I drove myself to the E.R, & they sent me away. My doctor wont give me anymore pain meds either, because she thinks I am crazy. If you look at my medical records you can see I am not a hypochondriac, I have only been to the hospital before for a broken elbow & 2 c-sections! I can't believe how much info is out there regarding this antibiotic, & my doctor seems to be clueless. I am in so much pain every single moment. I have missed a month of my life!

Micaela Savage

BACTRIM: 8 August 2008

Dear Brian Deer

I came upon your website by chance when I was looking up what could be causing my son's reaction. My son who is nearly 4years old was given Septra for a sinus infection on Tuesday. Thursday night he started having hallucinations. It lasted almost 6 hours. He also had trouble sleeping and loss appetite. I called his doctor and spoke to the nurse. She thought I was overreacting because she never heard of hallucinations being caused by Septra.and the fact it happened after taking it for a few days not right away. I new something was wrong and started investigating and found it can be a problem. I am disturbed that some doctors and nurses don't know about this rare adverse reaction. I appreciate reading and learning I am not alone. I should have learned from my daughter who is 6years old she develops bad hives.

Please continue running this website and informing others of this drugs effects.

Brandy, Whitney, Texas USA

BACTRIM: 8 August 2008


I just had a terrible experience with Bactrim in which I finally concluded must have been a severe allergic reaction or a severe side affect. I was given Bactrim for an infected wound. I took it once daily for 7 days. (600mg, I believe).

In doing some research I found your site.

Below are my symptoms:

extreme fatigue
sweating that occured several times a night that left me dripping wet and drenched my bed clothes and bedding
dry and non-productive cough that many times left me gasping for air
between 100 to 102 fever
a feeling that my veins throughout my body were on fire
shortness of breath
unable to breathe
horrible taste in my mouth
with the same smell in my nose
hives (without swelling)

toward the end of the week I was almost bed ridden. (I was so afraid of having MRSA in my wound that I did not question the Bactrim nor consider stopping the drug.) After my final dose my condition had become so severe that I went to the emergency room. They took a chest x-ray and did routine blood screenings.

the diagnosis was severe bronchitis along with blood tests indicating HEMOLYTIC ANEMIA; RED CELL DESTRUCTION.

with only the bronchitis diagnosis the doctor treated me with injectable prednizone, iv antibiotics and fluids for dehydration. he did this for two days and then sent me home with oral antibiotics and mucinex for cough. After the blood lab reports returned indicating Hemolytic Anemia he asked to see me in a few days to monitor the red cell destruction. he believed i was bleeding inside.

however, not long after stopping the bactrim I immediately started to feel better. all symptoms stopped. there was in no way time for the medicine the doctor prescribed to cure severe bronchitis OR for that matter the Hemolytic Anemia in which there was no treatment given at all.

I did some research on Hemolytic Anemia and found out that there are only two drugs that can cause Hemolytic Anemia --red blood cell destruction in a healthy person and one of the two drugs is a Sulfa type drug.

This drug is dangerous and potentionally deadly! Don't take it!

nancy lynn

SMZ-TMP: 14 August 2008

My experience with SMZ-TMP was extremely devastating. I took the medicine for about 6 days. The first couple of days were fair. I had flu-like symptoms, but I refused to blame anything on the medication I was currently taking because it was prescribed to me by my doctor for MRSA so of course I wanted the MRSA to clear up and I ignored all of the side effects that I was experiencing. On the fifth day I was so ill I missed work for four days. My scalp became itchy and painful. My whole body felt like a bug or something was biting me 24/7. I had no desire to eat and I couldn't sleep because of the feeling of biting and itching. On the 6th day I went to the emergency room and I was told that 60% of the population was allergic to this medication. I was told that the only thing that the doctor could do for me was to tell me to discontine use of this medication and to buy some benadryl. I did exactly that. I called my PCP the next morning and she told me to continue taking the medication along with the benadryl. This is one time I am NOT following the doctors orders for fear of the consequences. I have never felt so bad in all my life.


BACTRIM: 22 August 2008

Dear Mr. Deer

I am writing to you from the US because of finding a number of references on your site to the side affects of Bactrim.

Mine is a very recent and sad story. I would like your help in finding any more cases where this drug is linked to severe depression.

My 27 year old son was diagnosed with Bipolar at the age of 16 and had been doing really well for the last 3 years.

He was weaned off of his Bipolar drugs and when we visited him on July 27,2008 he was doing really well except for an infection on his face.

His young family (wife and two children - 2 and 5 year old) had just moved to south GA and they were settling in. He was very happy in his work and doing really well.

He was talking about plans for the next few weeks and looking forward to having a fire in the fire place at Christmas.

He started a prescription for BACTRIM (SMZ/TMP DS800-160) on July 24. By Tuesday July 29 he was severely depressed and by Wednesday he was saying that he did not want to live.

We tried getting him help from his previous specialist in Orlando and were lining up help in GA to help figure out what was happening. We looked at some basic websites for Bactrim and saw that one of the side effects was depression.

This gave us hope . On Wednesday evening July 30,2008 we told him to stop the Bactrim and lined up folks for him to see on Thursday morning. He called us at 7:00 Wednesday evening and asked if we felt that they would help him if he went to the ER. We said they would. He must have felt really bad because around midnight he called his friend and boss and went to the ER.

After 3 hours of waiting he saw the ER doctor and told him he was Bipolar and believed that he BACTRIM he was on caused him to have severe depression.

The doctor dismissed this immediately and said he never heard of such a thing - then went on to prescribe him his former depression drugs from 3 years ago. He discharged him with 3 sheets of paper describing the Bipolar decease and sent him on his way.

Less than an hour later my son took his life. I am still very much in shock as I try to make sense of this.

GA law protects ER doctors from this type of malpractice so not sure how we will proceed with litigation.

We feel that there were 2 medical mistakes made. The first was the prescribing physician giving a drug that has a potential side effect of depression to a Bipolar patient.

The second was and experienced ER doctor just dismissing this information clearly presented by his patient.

If there is any guidance you can give me on finding similar side effects reported on your blog as well as any actions against this drug.

I would like to prevent this from happening to anyone else.

Best regards,

Chris Chung

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