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  BACTRIM: 9 October 2009


In Nov. 2007, the otherwise healthy, athletic 13-year-old son of my friend died from heart damage traced to a severe sensitivity to Bactrim, which he'd been prescribed for simple acne six weeks earlier. It triggered an immune reaction that literally ate his heart--a link not made for many weeks into his baffling symptoms. By the time they discovered the source of his symptoms, his heart was too damaged for a transplant.

His parents consulted the top personal injury firm in the Upper Midwest of the U.S. But the firm,

supposedly after researching Bactrim, called the parents declining the case because the drug has been on the market so long with so "very few" complications; those risks (one in 650,000, they admit) are acceptable by market standards; and a warning label acknowledges the possibility of rare complications--a risk the patient accepts.

Yet I read your article from the 1990s and learn that there have been thousands of such deaths. Do you know if this phenomenon has continued? How can there be no culpability by this drug-maker? Why is this still on the market? How can lawyers not have a case?

My friend is grieving terribly, especially since this was an elective treatment for a cosmetic problem. What recourse might these people have, if any? The father is an attorney himself, and the mother, a former nurse; it's hard for me to believe they're accepting this opinion.

Thank you,

Holly D, B, Minnesota, USA

SEPTRA: 12 October 2009

dear brian,

I am writing to you about the drug septra. Now, I do believe I have taken bactrum before so i think thats why I didnt catch this problem at first.

a couple of weeks ago, I started taking septra for an antibiotic resistant staff infection.About 45 mins later, I noticed I was having terrible pain in my lower back,hips and abdomin.It actually felt alot like labor pains.then I started vomiting and had bad cold chills but no fever. later on that night, I started my period, And I continued bleeding for 10 days. I stopped taking septra the next day cause I couldnt keep anything down. The pain and chills went away and I thought maybe my period was all out of whack and thats what caused all these problems.About 2 weeks later,I started takind septra again for the staff infection and I experienced the same symtoms.there is something really wrong with this drug.but since i believe i've taken bactum before, i don't know what to think.If you or anyone else can can shed some light on my situation, I would greatly appreciate It.Thank You

SEPTRIN: 13 October 2009

Hello Brian,

This is the first time I have gone onto the web re SEPTRIN.

In 1977 when my son Alex was delivered prematurely as months went on it was decided by Gt. Ormond St. as Alex had constant urinary tract infections he was described SEPTRIN in liquid form for a period of three years twice daily. During that time he never suffered any colds, coughs etc and his speech became limited.

During that time he also had open heart surgery so G.O.S. was more concerned with the heart than the tract infections.

When I finally get his ears checked I was told he had glue ear and after the grommets taken out he had a bi-lateral high frequency hearing loss in both ears. Resulting in 2 phonic hearing aids at the age of FOUR. Also a personal apology by Mr. Martin of the Nuffield Hearing Centre in Grays Inn Rd.

SEPTRIN was the cause of my son Alex s deafness without a doubt as he was certainly not borne deaf. At 10 yrs he went to Ovingdean School for the Deaf then Lewes College coming back to finish his studies at 17yrs. He achieved his results in Business & Finance working for Marks & Spencer and now branching out into Computing.

Alex is now 32 years old and has always wanted to make it known to the Co. just how Septrin has changed his life and not for the better!!!

Thanks for taking the trouble to read the above

With many thanks.

Lynette L.


Hello, Brian.

After having trouble finding side effects on this medication I came upon your site. If any of my info will help you feel free to use it.

I am a 24 year old male. I have a upper sinus infection, bronchitis, and the flu. The doctor prescribed me Amoxicillion 500 MG Twice a day for for 10 days. 7 days on the amoxicillion and my illness has not changed. The called in a new antibiotic called SULFMETH/TRIMETH DS TAB 800-160MG. Take one tablet twice daily for fourteen days.

This is my first night taking the sulfmeth/trimeth and things are not right.

I took two pills as my first dose to jump start the medication which my doctor recommended. I have been awake for over 24 hours and cannot fall asleep no matter what I try. I appear to have insomnia. I feel very odd, distant, lack of connection with things. I do not know if its the pills or the lack of sleep but I have checked everything I have eaten the day before and nothing is out of the ordinary.

My insomnia has to be the pills. I am tired, I want to sleep so badly. Since I have been sick I sleep around 10 hours a day trying to fight the infections, usually I sleep around 7 to 8 hours when I am normal.

I do feel very hot, but my temp is normal. My pulse feels massive like something is going to explode out of me but my blood pressure is not any higher then normal and my pulse is fine.

I am overweight by about fifty pounds. I do take metoprolol for high blood pressure and I take Levothyroxine for a thyroid dissorder. Hypo, not Hyper.

If any info here may help others spread it. I have only had insomnia a short few times in my life and it has to be the pills. Here's to the DVR, hopefully it does not run out of show's for me to watch. I would wait to let you know of my whole experience with this pill but odds are if I did not email you now I would completely forget.

Thank you for helping people.

TRIMETHOPRIM: 27 October 2009

Hi Brian

Just to add to the many stories we have just came home from a 5 day stay in hospital my 12 year old son was given 100mg of trimethoprim for a urine infection within hours he became delirious and looked like someone on a bad drug trip 3 hours later he was unable to stand up or walk and had legs like jelly which lasted for 3 days CT scan and blood tests revealed nothing and the only explanation I can find is he had a reaction to the drug . I would caution everyone to look in to whatever drug you are prescribed before taking it and this site is a great place to start.


BACTRIM: 28 October 2009

My husband had an ear infection and was prescribed Bactrim on 10/19/2009. Well, we have been living a nightmare. Starting 10/21 he had severe flu like symptoms so we thought it was the flu. Luckily we are holed up in a nice hotel, Las Palmas in Matehuala mexico--for 6 days now! For 2 nights he had such a high fever, chills and tremors I got very scared. In mexico, hotel office closed and I know no Spanish. He also has a rash all over his body--went from bright red to purple. He looks awful and is as weak as a kitten. On 10/23 it dawned on him it was the drug. We went on line and saw others with the same severe side effects. This is horrible drug. It is frightening to see that others have died from it.

Barbara S.

SULFAMETH/TMP DS: 28 October 2009


You are a lifesaver, at least to me! I started taking Sulfameth/TMP DS TAB

for flu-like symptoms about 2 weeks ago...next I broke out in a rash since there was an allergic reaction....and the itching!!

I'm 58, so you'd think I'd know better, but it took a week of taking this drug, itching like crazy, fever and chills, headaches AND not being able to sleep to finally figure out it was the Rx.

Last night I was up until 3:15 just trying to get to sleep...naturally, I fell asleep just before it was time to get up, and trying to nap during the day was also a lost cause.

How can we ban this drug???

Thanks for listening,

Karen L.



On October 15, 2009, I was directed by my gynecologist to take sulfameth/trimethoprim for a UTI. I was told to take one pill twice daily for seven days. Immediately after consuming the medication, I grew very tired and nauseous. I had an urge to vomit and I grew appalled to food, even the smell of it. My muscles began to feel so heavy and my joints became so sore. I developed a fever and had night chills. I even had trouble sitting up because I felt so lousy; all I wanted to do was lay in bed all day long. Although my UTI symptoms went away, I would much rather have dealt with it, then with the sulfa medication. Around the 5th day, October 19, 2009, I developed a slight case of hives. I only had a few here and there so I didn't pay much attention. My sister had once taken sulfameth for a UTI also, and realized that she was extremely allergic. I should've taken that as a warning sign, but I was directed to continue the medication until the seven days were over. I finished my medication on October 21, 2009, and it all seemed to be looking positive. My hives were gone and I began to feel much better; however, on October 27th, I woke up with small, scattered hives; almost unnoticeable. The next day, October 28th, I woke up with inflamed legs, and arms. I had hives all over my legs, arms, neck, back, and some on my face. I even had swollen ears, hot to the touch. I purchased benadryl and started taking that around noon on October 28th. The swelling on my ears went down and the itching was somewhat under control, but the hives remained. During the day, they seemed like they could be contained, but in the night, it was horrible. I scratched involuntarily in my sleep and woke up with bumps all over my body, not so much on my face. In the morning, it seemed as though they got worse. On October 29th, I went to visit my doctor on Campus and I told her about me taking sulfa for a UTI and she said it seemed as though my condition was related to this drug, especially since have never had hives or a allergic reaction to anything before. She prescribed me zyrtec for the night, famotidine in case of facial swelling, a topical cream called triamcin for really bad areas of my body, and a benadryl shot for the itching. Afterward, the hives seemed to go down a bit, and the itching wasn't so bad, but I still had redness beneath my skin, somewhat raised like eczema. I am writing this on October 30th, I still have hives and it seems as though they might be going away, but I'm not too sure because I still have a lot of itching. When I found this website, I felt a sense of comfort. I know that I am not the only one that fell victim to this medication. I hope I get better soon and I wish the same for everyone else. I'll post an update soon.


SEPTRIN: 7 November 2009

Dear Brian, I've just discovered your website.

My wife is 61 years old and has been taking co-trimoxazole for a couple of months now, during and following an extremely serious immune system breakdown, from which she is recovering well.

I've been warned by a well informed friend as to the dangers of this drug, which I believe includes possible damage to the immune system if it's taken for too long, and I'm desperate to get her off of it ASAP. I've already reduced her intake by a quarter.

My basic question is.... How long does it usually take to safely 'wean' somebody off of this drug completely ?

I realise that people in your position have to be careful of giving direct advice, but I would be very grateful as to your comments on this. The thought of her being on this drug long-term fills me with dread.

My wife is eating well and starting to regain weight and strength.



SEPTRIN: 16 November 2009

Dear Brian,

Came across your article on Septrin/Septra etc.

Septrin is banned in the U.S.A. by the FDA and rightly so.

One of the major side effects is SLE - Subaccute Errythematosus.

My wife was presribed Septrin for the common female complaint of cystitis. She was given the Septrin over a period of about 7 years and in most cases did not even have a urine or blood test prior to the prescription being given to her. It seemed at that time it was a matter of course for cystitis.

Later, on checking the drug Septrin the local chemist was issuing a small printout when supplying the drug presecribed by her GP . When took the drug home and checked out the printout detail, I discovered that the main side effect was Lupus or SLE.

I put the printout aside intending to use it as evidence against a possible claim for medical damages but it was mislaid an never found again. On returning to the local chemist who supplied the original printout and Septrin drug, I was told that the local medical practice had instructed them not to supply the printout previously supplied by them.

When I asked why . I was advised that the doctors at the practice said that it was causing confusion and needless anexiety amongst patients suffering from cystitis.

Later still, I researched why Septrin was banned in the U.S.A. yet not banned in the UK. I discovered that the two pharmaceutal companies Roche and Welcome would not agree to eliminate the offending and dangerous chemical suplphonamide which apparently was considered at that period the cause of the Lupus/SLE .

Septrin can also cause miscarraiges etc . I discovered that when attending to my acupuncture patients who had used Septrin and had several miscarraiges as a result. It recommended that they stop using it immediately and gave acupuncture instead.

At least one of my patients came back to confirm that she had become pregnant after acupuntrure treatment and had a bonnie healthy baby. She came back with her husband to thank me personally for my intervention and help with acupunture.

I thought that people should know about this story as a warning against using Septrin especially over a long period of time.

Yours sincerely

Ranald A.MacD. Snr.,

CO-TRIMOXAZOLE: 23 November 2009

Good Day,

Reaction to Co-trimoxazole

I am in Zimbabwe after being given Co-trimoxazole for a suspected infection. I now have rush on my chin and dandruff on the chin. My pennies is swollen and has developed wounds. I don t if it the same effect. I have four days taking tablets to neutralize but the no healing is showing.

Walter C.

BACTRIM DS: 3 December 2009


I found this website by googling- side effects of bactrim ds. I went to a free clinic that was through the city that my mom works for. I have a regular doctor but her office closes at 5 and the clinic stays open til 6 so I thought I would go there so I wouldn t have to take off work. I took ONE pill Wednesday morning and that was all it took&.first off I read the instructions wrong (thank god)&I thought it said once daily instead of twice and it probably saved my life! I couldn t sleep at all Wednesday night, my back hurt out of nowhere and I couldn t breathe. Now I m allergic to everything that grows pretty much and some animals but I ve never been allergic to any medications before. I just can t believe it only took one pill for me to have this kind of reaction! I have an appt with me REAL doctor this afternoon, so all I have to do is to keep breathing until then! Wish me luck!

Megan Mc.-Houston, TX.

SEPTRIN DS: 10 December 2009

Dear Brian

I am in Australia and came across your web site tonight.

Around 10 weeks ago I was treated with Septrim DS, Secnidazole, Diloxinide furorate and Doxycycline all at once over ten days to for the amoebic parasites Blastocyctis hominis and Dientamoeba fragilis. While on the treatment I had little side effects up to around day 8.

After this I started to suffer severe agitation and numbness and noticed my skin was a deep purple colour. After the treatment my condition worsened. I developed numbness in many parts of my body, including loss of feeling in my genitalia and loss of erectile function. I also developed a green tongue, breathing difficulties, joint stiffness and pain, pain in the kidneys and both right and left flanks like muscle spasms, but not as intense.

The agitation worsened and I developed transparent blistering in the corner of my lips, and the fingers on my left hand jerked uncontollably for a few minutes while they appeared to show some kind of blistering eruption below the now transluscent skin. I also developed constipation and possibly a severe abdominal fungal infection. Memory loss, confusion, pain in the eyes and a numb feeling in the eyes which still persist today in some form are amongst others symptoms.

How much of this is related to Septrim DS I cannot be certain due to the cocktail of medicines I consumed all at the same time, but looking at the reports from others, I would almost have to say most of them.

After presenting at the local emergency clinic a few times the doctors decided I was a hypochondriac and I was forced onto an involuntary treatment order (ITO) and given the antispychotic respirodone, which made my condition worse. I nearly passed out several times while in the psych ward that week and developed hallucinations.The experience was quite surreal. The ITO was revoked a few weeks later and luckily I had only taken small doses of the respirodone although I now have side effects from that as well.

To cap it all off I suffer from multiple chemical sensitivity (MCS) following an industrial chemical accident back in 2001. Had I read this website before starting this course of meds I certainly would have thought twice.

Kind regards


BACTRIM: 5 January 2010


Not sure if you're still researching this drug but wanted to share my experience. Last Tuesday the 29th of Dec '09 I went to the doctor for a UTI, feeling fine other than the urge to urinate (no fever anything) Wed. the 30th I came down with fever, chills, tender from head to toe, back ache, weakness, decreased urination, and nausea.... I NEVER put the two together, I just assumed that my UTI was on its way to getting worse before the Bactrim had time to take effect.... this continued until yesterday the 4th of Jan 2010 when I went online to see if UTI's usually got worse like the way I was feeling, only to find your website and others about their side effects, I was experiencing the same reactions so I quit taking the drug (I only had one dose left anyways) only to start feeling better by last night. This morning the 5th of Jan 2010 I have an itchy rash from neck to legs so I decided to call the doctor. The nurse basically called me a liar when I told her it gave me a fever and didn't offer for me to come in and be seen by the doctor. I read where some people who've had reactions ended up getting lupus due to taking the drug Bactrim, is this true? Should I be worried about further side effects? Any help or response would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you,

Karla H, Arkansas, USA.

SEPTRA: 3 February 2010

I found your website, thankfully, after experiencing a hellish night with Septra.

I was prescribed Septra for a spider bite and subsequent Staph infection for a course of 10 days, 2 pills twice a day. I took it pretty consistently and for the first 5 days had no side effects. On the 6th day, I took my prescribed two pills, one at lunch, one at dinner. By mid-afternoon, I was feeling unusual back pain. I was going to a concert an hour away in Los Angeles, and by the time we arrived to our destination not only had the back pain got worse, but my left leg and side ached horribly, and I had sharp pains in my abdomen. On the way home from the concert, I started getting chills and body aches, with no relief of the back, side and leg pain.

After getting NO sleep that evening, and having continued symptoms, I went to Urgent Care the following day, thinking I might have a UTI or kidney stone. Tests for this came back clear, and the doctor said the Septra could have side effects, but to keep taking one more pill. He did say I was having a back spasm and gave me Darvocet for the pain, but couldn t explain the other symptoms, thinking I might have the flu in addition to the back spasm. That day I didn t take of my medication.

On Monday, I was feeling better after getting some sleep on Sunday evening. I took the last pill at 2:30 p.m. and an hour or so later, all the same symptoms came back 10-fold. Only this time I had itching, tingling in my hands and arms, chest pain and tightness, and almost had a panic attack. I felt like I was in detox. The pain in my back, leg and side came back with a vengeance and only the Darvocet helped with it. Determined that the medication and my symptoms were connected, I went online and found your website. I again got NO sleep that night.

After seeing your website and the posts, I knew what was going on. The Septra was giving me severe side effects. I have since stopped taking Septra, and will never do so again. I called my doctor to get a muscle relaxer, but two days later and while I do feel better, I can still feel the lingering aching, muscle and joint pain. I am thankful for these posts and can t imagine why these horrible side effects aren t discussed more often when Septra is prescribed.

JoBeth S, Orange County, California.

BACTRIM: 24 February 2010

My 84 year old mother was in the heart hospital with CHF and while there developed a UTI, which she was given Bactirm. She tried to tell them she was allergic to sulfur drugs, but they insisted it was okay because she had taken this drug 2 times prior in the same year.

Well, I flew into town to find my mother complaining or her hand itching and when we went to bathe her after about 7 or 8 days of this medicine I noticed blisters on her arms and red blotches on her legs and arms and I believe stomach area as well. I rushed her to a Medi Quick facility and they first diagnosed her with "Anthony Johnson" syndrome and the emergency Dr. agreed with this diagnosis. She was hospitalized and the dermatologist did not think she had this, but agreed she had a reaction to this medicine. In addition, her kidneys were affected by this drug and she once again was in CHF. It was very hard on her because she needed fluid, but not too much due to the CHF.

Although, she has been off of the medicine for about 2 weeks she complains that all of her bones hurt. It has been so terrible to watch my mother suffer. The heart doctor stated it may be 6 weeks before she feels better, but her internist stated she is over it by now. How can these two Dr's be so far off with their opinion?

Oh, her care was so terrible in the hospital that she was discharged with a severe bed sore.

Thank you,

Worried Daughter.

BACTRIM: 8 March 2010

Brian, Bactrim is nasty stuff, at least for me. I had a laparatomy on 12/18/09. While there a stool test showed I had MRSA so they gave me oral vancomycin. Because my mother has leukemia and was worried for her health, they put me on Bactrim as a precaution to kill any remaining MRSA. They started that a day or so before I left the hospital. Each day after surgery, you're supposed to get better. I went home and got worse. I could barely get up even to go to the bathroom. I had zero energy. I wanted to die. I also had diarrhea but would have had that regardless since my surgery was a bowel resection. Anyway, on Christmas, I looked dead, and mom said stop taking the Bactrim. Starting the next day, I finally started to improve day by day. I've been totally healed for 1.5 months after having a seroma two weeks post op. Then, last week, my incision swelled up again. I went to the urgent care place. After hearing I had MRSA before, she said I had to take Bactrim. I said it made me sick. She said, "Would you rather be nauseous or dead?" The next morning, a surgeon lanced my scar which was horribly painful to do. He thinks it's just another seroma but a culture was sent out. I went ahead and took Bactrim that morning and evening, two days ago. Well, it was the Bactrim that made me sick for sure. I went from feeling 100% fine (the scar problem is/was localized) to feeling like I had severe intestinal flu (without a temperature). My symptoms were diarrhea, dizziness, confusion, anxiety, tachycardia, lack of energy, 100% inability to sleep, hot flashes (I'm 37, not menopausal), altering sweats (having to change my nightgown) and chills, and nausea. I would tell that urgent care doctor, that "yes, I would rather be dead you &$*%$!" I didn't take any pills yesterday or today. I couldn't do much of anything yesterday but I'm pretty much back to normal now. I'm pretty sure my culture will come back negative (the wound has/had no pus and is no longer red) but if it's not, I'm surely not taking Bactrim. I think vancomycin by IV is the only other option but I'm not sure.

Robyn R.

BACTRIM: March 2010

I was prescribed Bactrim back in early January 2010 for a MRSA infection. The first day I began taking it I was itchy all over. I didn t have any visible rash at the time but I was so itchy that I was told to take Benadryl. I was also extremely fatigued. By the third day, my symptoms were getting worst and the rash on my arm was also becoming worst. I went back to the drs and they doubled my prescription. Two days later, I was extremely ill with flu-like symptoms and was told that I could have the H1N1 flu but they did blood work as well. I was sent home and told to take Tylenol and Advil to bring down my fever. I had a bad headache and extreme stiff neck pain. By the next a.m. I was still so sick that I began reading the side effects and realized that it could be the Bactrim that was causing my symptoms. I didn t take a pill that day. By that evening, I was so ill that my husband drove me to the emergency room. They admitted me for observation . What turned into observation turned out to be a 13-day stay. My liver and pancreas enzymes were all over the place and I broke out in a full body rash day two of my hospitalization stay. The rash was so bad the nurses were commenting how I didn t even have skin on my body. The rash had even gone into my pupils. During my hospitalization, I developed problems with my gallbladder. I had never had gall stones or anything like that. I ended up having to have my gallbladder removed. When I was finally discharged from the hospital, I had a very slow recovery. While home, I developed another infection in my big toe. The doctor prescribed Clindamyicin. He called me four days into that prescription and told me that it was an intermediate prescription and he was now prescribing Levaquin. I just read in one of your emails that Clindamyicin is in the same family as Bactrim. Did the doctor figure this out and knew that he had screwed up because he had forgotten about my reaction to the Bactrim????? I finished taking the Levaquin and it has been two weeks now and I am completely depleted of all energy, physical strength, and all of my muscles and joints hurt. I have seen my doctor again and they have taken more blood work and I am awaiting test results from those. I am so frustrated at this point because before all of this I was an extremely physical, outgoing, hardworking 42 year old. I have run two marathons within the past two years; I would go to the gym at 4:30 every a.m., I worked full-time, took care of my kids and family and was going back to school at night for my Masters in Education. I have since put my entire life on hold. I have only been able to work 11 days in 2010! I know that something is wrong, but I m not getting answers. I hope someone will be able to help me and soon.

Shelly J. H.

TMP/SMX: 30 March 2010

As Im sitting in my hospital bed, I thought I should add my story to your collection. Since I am using my IPhone I will make this short. I had a skin infection (bug bite) that my dr. Prescribed bactrim for.

after taking it 3 times a day for 4 days I got a 103.5 fever with severe chills. night sweats and a headache. I could barely get out of bed. On the 3rd day it raised to 104.5 and I had a full body mottled rash along with very sore lymph nodes that you could see sticking out of my neck. My husband took me to the emergency room where they did many blood and urine tests. Everything came back normal and they couldn't figure out the fever. They determined that the rash was from the drug. They admitted me and gave me a steroid, benedryl and Zantac.

Today the rash is 75% gone and fever is 99. Also my skin was on fire! It looked like I had a sunburn on my chest and face. I also have a lump that is hot, red and very sore on the side of my hip. I have no idea how that fits in!

I can't wait to get my emergency and hospital bill!!

Carrie M.

SEPTRIN: 2 April 2010

Just found your website. About ten years ago a doctor from Monsterrat (Dr. Cooper) prescribed Septrin to me for the treatment of acne. Three weeks after, I was hospitalized with a severe rash and unbearable itching. Two days after being hospitalized, I had a very high fever and thought my chances of living were very slim. I spent about a month in the hospital, my body swelled, skin resembled a barbecued meat. Like a snake, I shed my entire top skin, from scalp to feet. My eyes and palm of hands were yellow, my liver was also severely affected and was diagnosed with Hepatitis B as a result of the effects of using Septrin. I became very intolerant to sunlight.

It took me almost a year to return to a somewhat normal life after this horrible experience. I considered myself very healthy prior to using this drug, but to this day my skin itches alot almost daily and I know life will never be the same again.

I can't stress enough how dangerous Septrin is. I consider myself very lucky to be alive today and many people who saw me during my hospitalization will agree.

More people should be aware of the dangerous side effects of Septrin and the doctors who prescribe it for the treatment of acne, I believe are acting irresponsibly. Continue your good work in sensitizing the public.

Kate S.


BACTRIM: 14 April 2010

Thanks for this website, and too everyone sharing their stories. I was prescribed bactrim ds on April 5th 2010 twice a day for 10 days. 15 minutes after taking my first pill I became completely nauseous but didn't think anything of it. The second day I was still very sick had a horrible headache and started sneezing blood (I've never had a nose bleed my 22 years of life), my body has been aching, moving from the couch to the kitchen is absolutely exhausting, dehydrated after consuming a lot of liquids, dark urine, and very fatigued. I continued taking it for another few days and these side effects kept getting worse except now I was coughing up dried blood. I've also have had a fever of 102-103 and if I put a fan on me I shiver ultimately I'm just never comfortable.

I can't sleep for longer than 3 hours at a time, its now day 8 and I stopped taking this morning and my headache has subsided a little bit but is still very present.

Also throughout the day my entire body has been breaking out in a rash and my vision has been getting blurry. I was given these pills for a facial infection and swollen lymph nodes and it hasn't done anything except make the infection worse and my doctor told me that if the swelling didn't go down I would have to have surgery. I'm going to the ER in the morning to get all this checked out. Thank you for making this board for people to post their stories. The worst part too is that I lost my job because I've called in sick the past 8 days.

Thank you everyone for sharing your stories and letting others no they aren't the only ones, and also to you brian for conducting research on this horrible antibiotic.

Robert G.


Dear Brian,

Oh My God.....I have been suffering still from the aftermath of this drug and I am four month past taking it. I am so glad I found your website....I no longer feel like a hypocondract. In December 09 I thought I may have a bladder infection or a UIT so I just made a quick stop into my OBGYN and just left a sample. Did not see a Dr. On my way back to work they called me and said that I did have an infection and they were calling me in a prescription, which was the SULFAMETHOZAZOLE/TRIMETHOPRIM. The first night I took it I went grocery shopping with my mother and I had such pains in my stomach that I could not even stand up and I am not a person that has stomach problems. By the next day my stomach did not hurt anymore as far as pains in it. I was taking 2 pills a day and by day number four I was in the bathroom @ work and out of the corner of my eye while washing my hands in the bathroom I saw my face twitch. Under my right eye right below my eye lashes down to where my cheek is my musles were pulling so tight that it pushed all my fat together within that area and pushed it kind of outward. It kept doing it and even though I didn't feel it as much as see it, it was aweful and very extreme.

When I put my hand on my face to hold it it was so strong that even my hand could not keep the muscle from moving. I might add too that ealer that week I had told my mom that it was wierd because even though I had been at work Monday and Tuesday I had no memory of those two days. Coming, going what happened? Driving to work and when I was saying my prayers at night, halfway through I could not remember the words to childhood prayers and would have to keep starting over and over. I knew something was odd. Definately confussion, but I live alone and how are you supposed to know you are confused when the cats don't tell you LOL...I am surprised that my Mom didn't think that was very odd too, but on with my story. I called my Dr. and they had me come in right away. I had no reflex response on my right side. Legs, arms etc and even though I could not see myself what my eyes were doing I could tell during the exam that something was not right mainly by watching the Dr.'s face while preforming the exam.

They sent me in for an MRI on my head I am thinking to make sure I did not suffer a stoke or a seizure. The days, weeks, months that followed have been aweful and stressful. I stayed with my Mom for a week just out of sheer fear that I was going to die. I didn't know how to describe how I felt, just wrong and wierd. My appatite went completely away and since I am a person that enjoys food that was wierd for me. I lost about 20 pounds in a very short period of time. I had a stiff neck, headache, and ensomnia beyone belief. My eyes have never really stopped twitching to this day and now I am going to an eye Dr. to be treated for dry eyes we are hoping. I did forget to mention that after four days of taking that medication. I got a yeast infection in my mouth, throat and stomache. I don't even believe that it is gone completely to this day.

I suffered the extreme tiredness and was so cold everyday I took the hottest bath I could everyday after work just to feel like I was not freezing to deathy. I had a lot of lower left back pain for so long that my Dr. actually sent me to physical therapy to see if that would help. I am happy to be feeling as good as I am yet do not even after these months feel like my old self and am terrified to take any meds in the future. I think if I would have taken the whole treatment of antibiotics I would be shoveling daisies today instead of sending this e-mail to you. I hope this may help someone feel a little better like the letters did that I found on your page. I do not understand why this drug is still out there to prescribe. I understand that some people may not have a reaction, but as far as I can see many do and I also am thinking that many more do and they just suffer without takling about it. I have been enformed by my Dr. that if things persist that I may have to see a neorologist to rule out things like MS and auto imune things. I am convinced since I have never had any of these syptoms before in my life until four days of taking this medication that it indeed is from the medication. I just hope it has not caused any permanent neorological problems, and that in time I will get back to where I was last year.

Thank you for you site and allowing me to share


Kathy F, Spokane, Washington.

BACTRIM: 10 May 2010


I was prescribed Bactrim in 2008 for a UTI and my mouth and the right side of my face became swollen and numb. I stopped taking it immediately. I'm quietly gobsmacked and horrified to read through other peoples accounts on this website.

Girl from Australia

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