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Investor Gregory Lombard thinks Baltimore-based tipster Porter Stansberry has it right over America's perilous financial future in a changing world economy

In all fairness, I don't know who Stansberry is, or was etc., but March 29, 2012 has seen his reasoning semi-vindicated I think.  Here's a link:
Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa all flatly state that their intention is to replace the US Dollar as the Reserve currency of the world, and offer alternative currencies as a new Reserve currency standard!  Maybe he (Stansberry) is ultimately going to prove to basically have been correct, at least in his primary core analyses, here. 
I don't have time to research his claims as to things like the steady "16:1 ratio of silver to gold value" he claims to have existed historically with three exceptions, for example.  I wish more expert reviews of his claims in such areas were more readily available, rather than so much (apparently mostly deserved) suspicious comments being the primary response I can find on his topics from the video. He made many checkable claims, but I haven't seen anyone report back that this, or that did, or did not, check out when a verification of the chart numbers or quoted statements was attempted, yet.
It seems to me that it would be fair to at least credit his calling this particular part right.  As to the rest, now I'd really like to hear some expert commentary from others on this subject, even if the source was way less than mainstream, as long as their credentials are verifiable and have not been subjected to corruption, like Stansberry's were charged with being.  Have to wonder now if those charges were real, or just simply to discredit & shut him down for saying too much, until it pans out a bit further. Without validation from somewhere, either could be the case.
Which is what makes it so frustrating when this sort of thing is handled so poorly.  If only Stansberry had risen above the temptation to run it within a scammer's business model, he could be doing very well right now, on news like this breaking.  It does seem to be a little too much of a coincidence, to be just that, also, doesn't it? 
If I do end up finding time to verify or discredit any of the claims he made in the video, I'll let you know along with the my source of my information. I want info from anyone except my government or the main stream media (neither of which are even slightly trustworthy in my mind).

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