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"I still call him 'nigger' to this day"

Stansberry's stand: With comments on his internet Stansberry Radio, the Baltimore-based financial tipster attracted criticism for arguing that he can use "fag" and "nigger" because he has gay and black friends

Stansberry slammed on sexuality and race


Award-winning investigative reporter Brian Deer (left) on fresh controversy around financial investment tipster Porter Stansberry and his statements about America's minorities

The Media Matters website has hit out at Baltimore-based investment analyst Porter Stansberry, suggesting that he is a homophobe and racist. The criticism came after Stansberry took part in an online Stansberry Radio conversation with co-host Aaron Brabham in which both men discussed their use of the words "fag" and "nigger".

Media Matters highlighted remarks in which Stansberry said he had grown up with an "Asian kid" whose "nickname was nigger". Stansberry said: "Everyone called him nigger... It was hysterical ... I still call him nigger to this day." Brabham responded: "I don't even know how he got his nickname."

In the item, transcribed below by Media Matters, Stansberry, whose investment advice spans everything from banking stocks, to shale oil and gold, takes issue with the general consensus against calling gay men "fags". Stansberry says: "But that's so ridiculous because I'm friends with lots of gay people."

Audio of this exchange is posted above, giving an indication of Stansberry's combative conversational style. The transcript is below:

PORTER STANSBERRY: So let's get onto something a lot more interesting, which is the weird world of homosexual pro athletes. Now, listen. We got so much heat from my fellow colleagues -- 

AARON BRABHAM: We got zero heat from our subscribers. But lots from people who work in the building.

PORTER STANSBERRY: Subscribers have no problem with -- if I say the word "fag" is that absolutely a no-no?

AARON BRABHAM: Yeah, it's a no-no. We can't say that.

PORTER STANSBERRY: But that's so ridiculous because I'm friends with lots of gay people.


PORTER STANSBERRY: And they have no problem with the word "fag." But it's probably like if you're a black person, then you're allowed to say the word "nigger." But if you're not a black person -

AARON BRABHAM: You can't say it.


AARON BRABHAM: But it's hypocritical, but you can't.

PORTER STANSBERRY: I would like to go on the record as saying that is a bunch of fucking bullshit.


PORTER STANSBERRY: OK? It's ridiculous.


PORTER STANSBERRY: You can totally tell when someone is using the word "fag" in terms of hate, and you can totally tell when someone is using the word "nigger" in terms of joy or friendship. For example, a guy we grew up with -- I don't want to use his name on the radio -- his nickname was "nigger".

AARON BRABHAM: Oh, I know exactly who he is.

PORTER STANSBERRY: And everyone called him "nigger".

AARON BRABHAM: Yeah, it was weird how - I don't even know how he got his nickname, but everybody called him that. 

PORTER STANSBERRY: Well, he was an Asian kid.

AARON BRABHAM: Yeah, I know. That's what made it weird.

PORTER STANSBERRY: It was hysterical. And, by the way --

AARON BRABHAM: That's funny. I didn't even know you knew him. That's funny 'cause it was a big high school.

PORTER STANSBERRY: He's a big trader now.

AARON BRABHAM: I think he's a big trader in Houston.


AARON BRABHAM: Probably should look him up while we're down there.

PORTER STANSBERRY: While we're there, we should invite him to dinner.

AARON BRABHAM: We should invite him out to dinner 'cause he'd be a great guy. He's a great guy.

PORTER STANSBERRY: And I still call him "nigger" to this day.

AARON BRABHAM: Right, I don't know - I forgot his real name.

PORTER STANSBERRY: There's no way I'm saying that because I don't like black people or because I'm a racist and I think that the white race is superior. I mean it's all nonsense. Language has all kinds of iterations and all kinds of subtleties. And a lot of it is done for humor, right? And guess what? I am not the same as a fat lesbian woman. 

August 2013

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