The Andrew Wakefield MMR investigation


Secrets of the MMR scare


In the wake of an investigation for The Sunday Times of London, Brian Deer was invited by BMJ, the British Medical Journal, to deepen the story of the MMR vaccine scare

Online introduction to the series: 5 January 2011
Piltdown medicine - the missing link between MMR and autism

BMJ editorial: 5 January 2011
Wakefield's article linking MMR vaccine with autism was fraudulent

Story 1: 5 January 2011
How the case against the MMR vaccine was fixed

Web extra (tables for story 1): 5 January 2011
MMR & autism - fixing a link

Story 2: 11 January 2011
How the vaccine crisis was meant to make money

Chronology: 11 January 2011
BMJ: Timeline

Story 3: 19 January 2011
The Lancet's two days to bury bad news

Editor's comment: 19 January 2011
Institutional and editorial misconduct in the MMR scare

Response to emails: 7 February 2011
The BMJ editor replies to Wakefield supporters

Picture: 15 February 2011
Brian Deer at the Canadian Journalism Foundation

Story 4: 9 November 2011
Pathology reports solve "new bowel disease" riddle

Pathology reports tabulated with links to raw data

Editorial: 9 November 2011
Institutional research misconduct

Wakefield fails in vexatious Texas lawsuit: 2012-14
Disgraced ex-doctor loses fourth attempt to gag media

The detailed case against Andrew Wakefield on research fraud
Brian Deer's sworn statement under penalty of perjury

Supplement to Deer's statement, responding to Wakefield

Wakefield crank campaigner: Dr David L Lewis
Brian Deer has "considerable expertise in medical practice"

Earlier comments on General Medical Council: 2 February 2010
Reflections on investigating Wakefield

Earlier report on bowel pathology: 15 April 2010
Special report - "Autistic enterocolitis"

MMR statistics
Above: MMR % coverage in England at 24 months, 1992-93 to 2011-12. Source: Health Protection Agency
Above: Leading Wakefield campaigner denounces Deer's journalism in the BMJ as being of too high a quality

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