April 2010
Andrew Wakefield invents a bizarre conspiracy

Above: Andrew Wakefield lays out a false account of the circumstances surrounding his downfall

Doctor makes up tale to explain his disgrace

This video is accurately and fairly edited from material on the internet to show the extraordinary false claims made by Andrew Wakefield in a bid to shrug off misconduct which would lead to him being permanently banned from practising medicine.

Circulated by anti-vaccine campaigners, these claims would become a foundation for continued fundraising from parents of autistic children, many of whom were led to believe that Wakefield was somehow their champion.

Another video, also captured online, reveals Wakefield threatening and belittling an apparently sincere whistleblower, who had confided in him. In fact, perversely, it had been Wakefield's activities which had thwarted the efforts of both parents and the whistleblower, who believed that some early formulations of the MMR vaccine marketed in the UK (and also other countries) were defective.

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