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Award-winning investigative reporter Brian Deer maintains this page as a free public service and resource for investors interested in Porter Stansberry, the Baltimore stock tipster

Truth in Advertising 2014 review: Consumer watchdog challenges over the company's use of testimonials as involving breaches of Federal Trade Commission regulations

The Porter Poll: A quick multiple-choice voting opportunity to say what you think about Porter Stansberry. Just a bit of fun, but the results may surprise. 2014 results

Company pays fine: After challenge by the Social Security Administration, Stansberry & Associates agreed to pay a $55,000 civil penalty for making misleading claims

Gold and silver: Calling the market on the metals. Did Porter give the right advice to investors? A 2013 prospective case study of his forecasting accuracy

The "Stansberry scam" made simple: Brian Deer explains exactly what Stansberry was charged with, the tipster's response, and the final outcome

Porter Stansberry - friend or fraud: A commentary by Brian Deer on Stansberry & Associates offers of reports about Aids vaccines, oil and gold

The SEC complaint: Court document filed by the Securities and Exchange Commission in its pursuit of Porter Stansberry and his associates for fraud

Tipster fined over £1m scam: A federal judge finds Stansberry liable for securities fraud, saying he "profited handsomely" from a "fraudulent scheme"

Investors burnt: A 2003 Stansberry hype for AidsVax, purportedly the world's first Aids vaccine, which was bound to fail, but he promoted nevertheless

Backed by the Times: Despite Porter Stansberry's controversial actions, he was backed by no less an institution than The New York Times, concerned over freedom of speech

"Stunning news" as hot tip bombs: More from the VaxGen promotion, which saw a company's stock collapse even as Stansberry Associates boasts

Stansberry v Deer: After the investigative reporter questioned the promotion of a certain-to-fail product, an increasingly humorous exchange developed

End of America mail: As Stansberry launched a blitzkrieg of commercials and mailouts for his 2011 vision, some of his customers wrote to Brian Deer

End of America video: The extraordinary in content but dull in presentation video promotion issued by Stansbury in the fall of 2010

Government gold: Brian Deer answers a reader's query about the book value of US gold bullion, which is so much below the market value of the precious metal

Porter is spot-on: Investor Gregory Lombard believes that the Baltimore tipster has it right in his gloomy view of the future of America, and the downside for the dollar

Porter's postmodern investment predictions: What's the explanation for Porter Stansberry's apocolyptic predictions, which don't seem to square with each other?

The Porter Poll - review and first results: Shock findings from the independent opinion survey of visitors to may give food for thought to investors everywhere

Peter on Porter: A 15-minute video from in which analyst Peter Schiff reveals what he found when he checked on Mr Stansberry's 2008 predictions

Gold: a valuable asset in a crisis? New research conclusions on the prospects for gold as a short-term or long-term hedge against inflation

Who is Porter Stansberry?: Critics take issue with Ms Stansberry's view that the popular disapproval of common hate speech epithets, such as "nigger" and "fag" is "bullshit"

Matt Badiali on gold: Stansberry sidekick says the time is right and that gold prices might double in months. But is his signal to buy (gold prices against gold stock prices) valid?

Porter Stansberry
Porter's pitch: Controversial finance tipster Porter Stansberry speaking at an investment advice conference
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