Andrew Wakefield: surgeon paid to attack MMR is erased in medical council hearing

Dr Andrew Wakefield,
in his own words:

"We are in the midst of an international epidemic. Those responsible for investigating and dealing with this epidemic have failed. Among the reasons for this failure is the fact that they are faced with the prospect that they themselves may be responsible for the epidemic.

"Therefore, in their efforts to exonerate themselves they are an impediment to progress. I believe that public health officials know there is a problem; they are, however, willing to deny the problem and accept the loss of an unknown number of children on the basis that the success of public health policy - mandatory vaccination - by necessity involves sacrifice.

"Neither I, nor my colleagues subscribe to the belief that any child is expendable. History has encountered and dealt with such beliefs.

"You, the parent's and children, are the source of the inspiration and strength for our endeav-ours; our quest for truth through science - a science that is compassionate, uncomprom-ising and uncompromised.

"I do not mean to stir you to mutiny, but be assured that armed with this science it is in your power to force this issue, in your pediatricians office, in Congress, in the Law Courts.

"Keep faith with your instincts. They have served you well."

Andrew Wakefield, April 22, 2002, "Power of One Idea" rally, Washington DC.


"I did not disclose to the Lancet that a minority of the 12 children in the 1998 Lancet report were also part of a quite separate study that was funded in part by the Legal Aid Board. It is the Lancet's opinion but not mine that such a disclosure should have been made since it may have been perceived as a conflict of interest. This is despite that fact that the funding was provided for a separate scientific study. It needs to be made clear that the funds from the Legal Aid Board were not used for the 1998 Lancet study, and therefore I perceived that no financial conflict of interest existed."

Andrew Wakefield, statement published on worldwide web, February 2004.


"As far as Ethical Practices Committee approval is concerned, this was sought as soon as it became apparent that the children with autism who were undergoing appropriate medical investigation for their clinical symptoms actually had an inflammatory intestinal

Andrew Wakefield, letter to Brian Deer, 12 February 2004.


"Almost 6 years have passed since AJW disclosed in a letter published in The Lancet that he was undertaking a pilot study on behalf of the Legal Aid Board (later to become the Legal Services Commission)."

Andrew Wakefield, letter to The Lancet, 17 April 2004.


"No vaccine or anything resembling a vaccine was ever designed, developed or tested by me or by any of my colleagues at the Royal Free Hospital; it has never been my aim or intention to design, produce or promote a vaccine to compete with MMR ...

"The reference to the possible use of TF to protect children against measles infection – the thrust of the Sunday Times’ conspiracy theory – was put in as an afterthought in the patent."

Andrew Wakefield, statement published on worldwide web, November 2004.


"To the extent the same was required, Dr Wakefield had in place valid ethical approval for his researches at all times. In contrast to a clinical research study requiring ethical approval, the Early Report was a report of clinical findings of tests which had been performed solely on the basis of clinical need."

Letter from Andrew Wakefield's solicitor, January 2005.


"The money that I received was, after tax and out of pocket expenses, donated to an initiative to create a new center, in the first instance at the Royal Free Hospital, for the care of autistic children and those with bowel disease. This was unsuccesful at the Royal Free but ultimately succeeded in the US. This intention was made clear, in writing, to senior members of the medical school."

Andrew Wakefield, email concerning expert fees, 22 December 2006.


"A child should produce one formed stool per day - anything else merits attention... There is also a subgroup of autistic children that appear to lack GI symptoms, but without endoscopy evaluation, the question of an occult (hidden) GI inflammation remains unanswered."

Thoughtful House sales pitch to autistic children's parents, accessed June 2007.


A further index of documents - on the Royal Free hospital - is available to view at this website.

This investigation continues, and Brian Deer welcomes all relevant information from any source.

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In February 1998, research by Andrew Wakefield and 12 other doctors from the Royal Free hospital, London, was published in the Lancet medical journal, linking the triple measles, mumps and rubella vaccine - MMR - with autism. This triggered a worldwide scare, and falls in children's immunizations. Six years later, Brian Deer investigated for The Sunday Times and Channel 4 TV, and exposed the truth | This page is source material from Deer's award-winning investigation

Following Deer's investigation, the UK General Medical Council announced a disciplinary hearing into Andrew Wakefield's fitness to practise medicine, beginning in London in July 2007. In May 2010 he was erased as a doctor. His research was retracted and he was fired from his job in the US

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