Royal Free research "review" on autistic kids is only undated, one-paragraph note

This page is research from an investigation by Brian Deer for The Sunday Times of London and the UK's Channel 4 Television into a campaign linking the MMR children's vaccine with autism. | Go to part I: The Lancet scandal | Go to part II: The Wakefield factor

Documents obtained during Brian Deer's investigations included papers relating to a battery of tests on autistic children, carried out under sedation or general anaesthetic at the Royal Free hospital, London, and published in the Lancet of February 28 1998. The project was supervised by Dr Andrew Wakefield, who would later deny that it was a clinical research study requiring ethical approval

Here is an "independent expert review" of what the senior clinical researcher, Professor John Walker-Smith, called a "high risk" project: merely an undated, one-paragraph note from a gastroenterologist colleague of Wakefield's in the medical school

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