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Ethics quiz: can this schedule of tests on 30 children be clinically indicated?

This page is material from the award-winning investigation by Brian Deer for The Sunday Times of London, the UK’s Channel 4 TV network and BMJ, the British Medical Journal, which exposed vaccine research fraudster Andrew Wakefield | Investigation summary

This is a timetable for investigations of autistic children with gastric symptoms (mostly constipation) referred to Wakefield et al in 1996-97. The researchers didn't have ethical committee approval for these, claiming that they were "clinically indicated" and would have been performed even if there had been no study. Question: do visitors to this site agree?

Notes: The psychiatrist (Dr Mark Berelowitz) and an adult neurologist (Dr Peter Harvey) only saw kids after their brain scans, lumbar punctures and EEGs. Both the Royal Free's ethics committee and the editor of the Lancet accepted the researchers' claim.

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