The Andrew Wakefield MMR investigation

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It was the longest media investigation into medicine for a generation. Spread over eight years, Brian Deer (left) unearthed the scandal behind an intractible health scare

22.02.04 Revealed: MMR research scandal
Focus: MMR - the truth behind the crisis
The editor: Dr Richard Horton
22.02.04 The investigator: Brian Deer
Key ally of MMR doctor rejects autism link
25.04.04 Fresh doubts cast on MMR study data
MMR scare doctor planned rival vaccine
12.12.04 Doctors in MMR scare face public inquiry
06.03.05 MMR jab scare research dealt a 'killer blow'
MMR scare doctor faces list of charges
02.04.06 Schoolboy, 13, dies as measles makes a comeback
21.05.06 Just how much new research can we trust?
18.06.06 How a spurious health scare brought an old killer back
MMR: Countdown to a crisis
31.12.06 MMR doctor given legal aid thousands
Memo warned MMR doctor of research flaw
08.02.09 MMR doctor fixed data on autism
Hidden records show MMR truth
08.02.09 How the MMR scare led to the return of measles
MMR - key dates in the crisis
News Review: Truth of the MMR vaccine scandal
31.01.10 Focus: "Callous, unethical and dishonest"
31.01.10 Leading article: Bad science needs good scrutiny
BMJ column: Reflections on investigating Wakefield
15.04.10 BMJ special report: "Autistic enterocolitis"
23.05.10 Weeping wounds of the MMR scare
05.01.11 BMJ: How the case against the MMR vaccine was fixed*
BMJ web extra: MMR & autism - fixing the link (tables)*
05.01.11 BMJ editorial: Wakefield's article... was fraudulent
05.01.11 BMJ online: Piltdown medicine*
09.01.11 A warning shot for the cheats in white coats
11.01.11 BMJ: How the vaccine crisis was meant to make money*
BMJ: Timeline*
19.01.11 BMJ: The Lancet's two days to bury bad news*
09.11.11 BMJ: Pathology reports solve 'new bowel disease' riddle
12.08.12 Doctoring the evidence
* BMJ special series: "
Secrets of the MMR scare"

Brian Deer 2011 Press Award announcement
Best of the year: How The Sunday Times reported Brian Deer's press award, on page 2, 10 April 2011
MMR statistics
Above: MMR % coverage in England at 24 months, 1992-93 to 2011-12. Source: Health Protection Agency
"A tremendous righting of a wrong"
The MMR investigation

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