Wakefield interview says MMR anxiety is grounds to intubate autistic kids' guts

This page is material from the award-winning investigation by Brian Deer for The Sunday Times of London, the UK’s Channel 4 TV network and BMJ, the British Medical Journal, which exposed vaccine research fraudster Andrew Wakefield | Investigation summary

Anti-MMR campaign guru Andrew Wakefield was interviewed in the fall of 1998 at a US "Defeat Autism Now" conference. This interview reports how parents thought he'd found "unusual swelling" in children; how he speaks of "my patients", despite him never having had legal care of a patient at any time in his career; how he claimed his medical school possessed a "specialty lab"; and, perhaps most importantly, how he gives his indications for the invasive and hazardous procedure of colonoscopy

From: Andi News, vol 1, issue 4, 1998

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